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Carthedral - Gothic Art Car with gargoyles and teeth molds

Carthedral is a 1971 Cadillac hearse modified with 1959 Cadillac tailfins. Welded on top is a VW beetle and metal armatures with fiber glass. Carthedral is a rolling Gothic Cathedral complete with flying buttresses, stained glass pointed windows, and gargoyles. It was created and designed by Rebecca Caldwell.

Photo by kris247

Photo by the Pen Guy

Photo by whizchickenonabun

Photo by Morven

This an amazing art car which I had the pleasure and honor of seeing on my very first Art Car Fest in 05 whith my new mercedes pens art with very few pens.

Photo by the Pen Guy

Topsy-Turvy Bus by Tom Kennedy

Topsy-Turvy Bus was created by Tom Kennedy Art Car shape-shifter extraordinaire. It was commissioned by Ben & Jerry�s� founder, ice cream maverick Ben Cohen who needed someone to turn two school buses into a vehicle for change in America.

Knitted Car Cozy for your VW

The only thing worse than cold tea is a cold car in the morning, when you sit down and your hands stick to the steering wheel and your breath fogs up the windows. Now, all that is a thing of the past with this revolutionary new product called the "Car Cozy". This hand knitted, hand crafted car cozy will enable you to keep your car warm and cozy on those cold windy nights for you until the morning.

Photo from Between Stitches

Photo from The Crochet Dude where you can actually get the car cozy pattern for your VW

Toyota Prius Shows Next Gen Body for First Time

The images confirm the rumors that the Prius would be growing in exterior dimensions � the car seen here is both longer and wider than today�s version � meaning more usable space for backseat passengers and trunk storage. Toyota is said to be giving the Prius a power hike as well, supplying the car with better performance in addition to its beefier body. While one might expect that a larger more powerful car would indicate an attendant drop in fuel efficiency, we�re told that the new Prius will be even more fuel efficient than the old one. That�s a viable claim considering the pressure Toyota must be under to improve the vaunted mpg numbers for its green halo car.

While we�ve seen images of a Toyota test mule for the next generation Prius hybrid already, that earlier test vehicle was little more than a powertrain mule built from the current model with a new front fascia attached. These new images reveal much more; the very first look at the all new, next generation Prius.

Scroll down for the spy shooter�s own words on the next gen Prius and be sure to browse through our gallery of exclusive images above.

The world�s most popular Hybrid car, the Toyota Prius is getting a new look, and here are the first photos of it.
Caught earlier as a mule, with the new front welded to the old body, these are the very first photos of the completely new car.

One of the ways in which Toyota will pull off this trick new packaging is by replacing the current car�s nickel-metal hydride batteries with smaller lithium-ion units. Reported solar panels on the roof also seem to be for real.

Look for the Prius to start a family in this generation as well, with possible station wagon and convertible variants reportedly on the table.

Other news about the Prius: the roof will get solar cells to power the air-condition, and it will also be built in a new plant in Mississippi, USA. So when you look under the next generation Toyota Prius, it could stand: Made in USA, underneath.

Except for the fact that the new Prius has grown, and is now longer and wider, especially the rear seat passengers have gotten more space, and the boot is bigger, rumors are talking about a whole family of Prius models. That means that we also will see a station wagon and maybe even a convertible with the Prius badge.

Insiders in Japan are talking about more power and yet still better fuel economy. There might even be a plug-in version this time which will be even more fuel efficient.

Other news that Toyota is working with, is that they will change the NiMh batteries for lighter and smaller Li-ion batteries. The Li-ion will not just make it possibly to load some more stuff in the boot because they are smaller, no, it will make the Prius faster as well.

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BMW M3 Sedan 2009 Update

The new BMW M3 Sedan is the first four-door M3 since the E36. You�ll immediately notice it doesn�t look like a regular 3-Series sedan, but rather it shares the same front end treatment with the M3 Coupe.

The M3 Sedan is based on most of the same components as the coupe, delivering 420 horsepower from 4.0 liters and maximum torque of 295 pound-feet at 3,900 rpm. While the coupe targets the Audi RS5 and Mercedes CLK63 AMG, the sedan takes aim at the Lexus IS-F, Audi RS4, and Mercedes C63 AMG.

Unlike the M3 and M6 Coupes, the M3 Sedan does not have a carbon fiber roof. The Sedan comes standard with the same 18-inch wheels as the Coupe.

Power from the BMW M3 Sedan�s V8 is transmitted to the rear wheels through a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox or the company�s seven-speed M DCT dual-clutch unit. The new final drive comes with a Variable M Differential Lock generating up to 100 percent locking action with fully variable action whenever required, ensuring optimum traction on all road surfaces.

The Sedan features driver-adjustable settings for crucial dynamic controls including steering, damping and stability. An available steering-wheel-mounted �MDrive� button can be used to store these preferences.

2009 Update

For the 2009 model year, BMW revised its M3 sedan � after just one year on the market. Most notable is the change to the rear taillight design, featuring a �notched� design and drastically smaller reverse lights.

Other changes include the addition of the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox with Drivelogic, plus a revised center console, active head restraints for whiplash protection, and a selection of new exterior colors.


Prices for the M3 Sedan start at 53,800 � $3,000 less than the coupe.

A premium package, priced at $1900, offers power folding mirrors, universal garage opener, digital compass mirror, BMW Assist, Novillo Leather interior and choice of three optional interior trims.

The technology package includes EDC, M Drive, Comfort Access, and a navigation system - all for $3250.

19? wheels are $1200, Electronic Damping Control is $1000, and Extended Novillo Leather can be had for $2000 as a standalone option or $1000 with the premium package. Enhanced premium sound is $1900.

Buyers seeking an open-air experience can opt to pay $1050 for a glass moonroof.
Source: BMW

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The Vauxhall Cresta was launched in October 1957 and like the FA had a distinct transatlantic look to its styling. Initially launched with a 2.2 litre engine it was enlarged to 2.6 litres in 1960 so driver John Watson and his crew, Frank Dimblebee and John Whitmore, entered the 1961 Monte Carlo rally with 95 BHP at their disposal, for the car was almost completely standard. They started the event from Warsaw in Poland and were classified as finishers in 140th position, quite an achievement when you consider that Mr Walker drove the last 450 miles on icy mountain roads with no brakes!

The hugely stylish Cresta is a perennial favourite for Vauxhall fans. This is the first of a new casting, and we are hugely impressed. Lledo have had a chance to let themselves go a little with the chrome on this model, and the results are gorgeous.

Motor Trend Blog: 2008 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Sport: Driving gently toward 2020

By Angus MacKenzie

I've been driving a Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Sport around Britain the past couple of weeks. It's a pleasant car: 17-inch AMG alloy wheels, bigger brakes all round, sports seats, and a swag of options, including something called the "Advanced Agility Package", which offers continuously variable rate shocks, paddle shifters for the five speed automatic transmission, sharper throttle response, and a sport mode button on the center console.

As equipped, this particular C220 CDI Sport stickers for about the same money as a base C350 Sport in Britain. But instead of the 268hp V-6 under the hood, there's a 170hp, 2.2-liter four cylinder turbodiesel. It's a solid engine, a little gruff at idle on occasion, but otherwise commendably smooth and quiet. With 295lb-ft on tap at just 2000rpm, it does a good job of shifting this 3494lb sedan - claimed 0-60mph time is under 8.5sec.

In sport mode the C220 CDI Sport is entertainingly brisk point-to-point, thanks to the more aggressive transmission calibration, though the ride deteriorates markedly, becoming noticeably jittery on anything other than the smoothest blacktop.

However, I've been more interested in the CDI bit than the Sport bit, and not just because I've been paying more than $10 for a gallon of fuel, or roughly 150 bucks for a full tank. The C220 CDI is a fascinating car because its claimed fuel consumption on the European combined cycle is precisely 42.8 miles per Imperial gallon. That's just a fraction over 35 miles per U.S. gallon, the fuel consumption Washington has mandated automakers must average by 2020.

Of course, there are significant differences between how the Europeans calculate city, highway and combined fuel consumption numbers, and how the Feds do it. But after more than 2500 miles on a mixture of freeways and country roads, suburban streets and log-jammed London, the C220 CDI has been averaging 33 to 35 miles per U.S. gallon. Our experience with the revised EPA mileage ratings introduced earlier this year suggests they are a much more accurate reflection of real world fuel consumption. So, on the evidence, the C220 CDI provides a glimpse of America's automotive future.

So, how does the future feel? In a word, gentle. Thrust builds differently in a diesel, even a relatively small capacity one. In the C220 CDI, the power peaks at just 3800rpm, and going much beyond 4000rpm is pointless. So it never sounds fast. After a while, you realize you're driving with a different, more relaxed rhythm -- always striving to maintain momentum; squeezing the throttle, rather than punching it; constantly mining the mother lode of torque. And suddenly, you find you're covering the ground just as quickly as you would in a regular gas-powered car.

Except you're getting way better mileage: On the freeways, humming along happily at 70-80mph, the C220 CDI returns close to 40mpg. Crawling through stop-start London traffic the equal of L.A.'s notorious 405 freeway crawl, or anywhere in Manhattan at 5pm on a weekday, it still manages 25mpg, automatic transmission, air conditioning, and all.

The Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI proves there's no question an average fuel consumption of 35mpg by 2020 is technically achievable in a reasonably sized sedan, albeit at a price (remember, this thing is basically C350 money). But it also suggests a lot of us are probably going to be driving very differently in 2020, too. With cars like this, our roads could become a much gentler place.

Link to the article >> HERE

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Art Cars covered in Cheetos, Doritoes and Lemonheads.

I found this article today by Doug MacCash, Art Critique of the Times-Picayune "Art in the Fast Lane". A new form of pop art has apparently sprung up in New Orleans, hot sporty cars covered in product car graphics. Products such as Doritoes, Lemonheads, Lucky Charms, Cheetos and more grace the outside of these finely tuned street rods. Basically the companies of those highly "nutritious" products are getting a "free" ride from these guys. I say they need to kick down a few bucks for this neo-warhol-esk art form, its definitely worth at least 15 minutes of fame.

Sticker Cars Part One

Sticker Cars Part Two

SPY:2011 Mercedes-Benz SLC supercar spotted

Finally, after such a long time with no info concerning the next Stuttgart supercar, we now get to see the first spy photos of a SLC prototype dressed in Merc clothes, not Dodge Viper.

And, guess what!The legendary Gullwing doors, that wrote history on the '50s 300 SL, are due to enter into production when the SLC is launched in 2010. Still heavily camouflaged, the future SLC appears to be a very dynamic car, judging by the largely dimensioned radiator grille and air intakes. It's still hard to tell the design of the headlights and tail lights from the whole body, but as you will see in the photos below, Christian Schulte may have got it right with the renderings he created. Or not?Is Huckfeldt once again right with his drawing?

The SLC won't use a mid-engine configuration, as previously predicted, but a front-engine one, thus contradicting those who had the SLC will follow Audi R8. For its SLR successor, Mercedes-Benz will cooperate with HWA and AMG;for the moment, the only certain power unit to be used under the bonnet of the SLC is the current 6.2 litres V8.

Rendering by Huckfeldt

Renderings by Schulte Design

Renderings by Larson

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BMW Cars

BMW Seca
BMW Seca


BMW Race 3
BMW Race 3


BMW SuperCar
BMW SuperCar

The Funny and the Weird

Went to have dinner with my dad and brothers at Bruno's in Jaya 33 just now. My dad asked my brother Bryan to drive his beemer. As we were getting in to the car, my dad was telling Bryan to be careful, long and big car, etc..etc...

Dad : Aiyoh, forgot to move these samples. (Put's the things in his hands down and moved the samples to the back seat)

We all get in to the car...

Dad : Bryan, careful arr. Watch the side, watch the side! Big car must drive carefully...
Bryan : Okay, okay. Can see, can see.
Dad : These kind of big cars arr, those people always don't know how to drive, ding and scratch the rims. Car lose value very quickly one. You see my Cayenne, previous owner careless a bit now the rims scratched.
Bryan : Oh, touch up la.
Dad : No time la. Never mind la. Just leave it like that first.

A cellphone rings...
My dad and Bryan look at each other...

Dad : Eh, not your phone arr?
Bryan : Nope.
Dad : Aiyoh! Shit! My phone, my phone!
Bryan : ???
Dad : Stop the car! Stop the car!
Bryan : ?!?!

Bryan pulls to the side of the road.
My dad winds down the window, sticks his hand out and pulls his phone from the roof!

Dad : Shit! Second time already this happened!
Bryan : Lucky I wasn't driving quick. Lucky my driving smooth. =P
Dad : Yeah, yeah, yeah... On the roof there is a gutter like thing so the phone must have 'chiup', slip in there. Shit. "Harlo! Yeah....ahh...."

My dad answered his phone and the both of us couldn't stop laughing after that. No wonder he was so 'kan cheong' when he heard his phone ringing!


After dinner, came home. Didn't feel like joining Johan for a jazz thingy so I stayed home. Went online and of course, you chat on msn...

A couple of minutes ago, I got this weird msn message from Wern Shen...

Wern Shen says:
fark wei
Wern Shen says:
i just farted
Wern Shen says:
i can smell the maggi kari sup i had for dinner
Wern Shen says:
Wern Shen says:
Karee Fravar
Wern Shen says:
:[ L e o n a r d � � :[ says:
Wern Shen says:
yeh man
Wern Shen says:
quite the stinko
:[ L e o n a r d � � :[ says:
Wern Shen says:
yeh man
Wern Shen says:
its bizzare
Wern Shen says:
i never use to be able to smell the food i ate in the past when i was youn
Wern Shen says:
must be old age
Wern Shen says:

I know sharing is caring, but that's a little too much information for me. =P

Alrighty people. I'm off to Perhentian for the weekend in a couple of hours.
Till then. =)

Another Zebra Art Car from Vermont

If you ever wondered how to make a Zebra Art Car the right way here is a video that will answer all the questions. Bob a modeller who volunteers on a private museum took a 1997 Mercury Tracer GS and turned inside and out into a beautiful Zebra. Pay close attention to the small details in this video which take this ordinary zebra art car to the next level. Nice Job ZytxZeeb.

[rF] WIP - Audi A4 DTM 2008 by erale

some unedited shots: