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Glory for teams: The Constructors� World Championship

Although all drivers aim to win their own World Championship, they also have to keep an eye out for the title that their teams aim for � the Constructors� World Championship.
The points are awarded on the same system as those awarded for the drivers� championship (explained in the preceding section). The difference is that teams take home the points that their two drivers earn. If a team�s drivers finish first and second, for example, then the team scores 18 points. Some team bosses believe that winning this title is more prestigious than having a Formula One star win the drivers� World Championship because the constructors� title generally goes to the team that�s produced the best car. The constructors� championship has more importance than just its prestige, however, for the following reasons:
_ The amount a team earns from the sport�s television rights is dependent on just where a team finishes in the title chase. The difference between positions, especially in the top five teams, can be several million dollars. _ Finishing higher up in the constructors� championship means that teams are entitled to the best garages in the pit lane, which usually means more space and improved facilities.
_ A winning team is also allowed to take more freight free of charge to the race, which cuts down on costs.
It�s no wonder that the battle for positions in the constructors� championship gets so intense at the end of the season.

Understanding the points system

The Formula One World Championship is not decided by a panel who award the title to the driver that they think has driven in the most beautiful manner. Formula One isn�t ice skating after all. Instead, the title goes to the driver who, at the end of the season, has earned the most points. Sometimes, as happened in 2002, drivers are able to clinch the World Championship well before the end of the season because they have such a lead in the title chase that no other driver can mathematically catch them up, even if they finished last in those races or even did not start them at all. A lot of times, however, the championship can go down to the final race of the season. It can be very exciting when a whole year�s efforts in going for the title are decided in one race � especially if a few drivers are able to win the title.
The current points system was put in place at the start of the 2003 season in a bid to make it more difficult for a driver to run away with the title chase if he had a dominant car. This new system also helps teams further down the field to score points, making it easier for them to attract sponsorship and stay in business.
Here is a breakdown of how points are awarded for each place. There are no points awarded for ninth place or lower.

Winning the F1 Championship

Although every driver wants to win races, the aim for all of them is to go for World Championship glory. That is why, at various points of the season, drivers are willing to take it steady to guarantee the points for second place rather than go all out for victory and risk coming away with a dented car and no points at all.
In the past, some drivers would be helped by their team mates to make sure that they built up as big a lead as possible in the World Championship. Sometimes, for example, a team mate in the lead would pull over to make sure that the other team mate won. Or a team mate with the faster car would hold back and defend second place from a rival to ensure that his team mate with the slower car took the victory. These pre-arranged agreements to let one fellow win were called team orders.
From the start of the 2003 season, however, team orders were banned in the sport. This ban was the result of a series of controversies in the 2002 World Championship when the Ferrari team used team orders even though it was absolutely dominant and not really threatened by any other team. Such a use of team orders took away much of the drama of the sport, and the sport�s rulers felt that it contributed to a falling interest in Formula One � even though the Ferrari team was clearly within its rights to do what it wanted on the track.

First Drive of the 2012 Fiat 500

Road & Track magazine has posted a first drive impression of the 2012 Fiat 500 on their site. Rest assured, this positive review will be the first of many here in the US.

Here is a small excerpt:

"...the Fiat 500 is not just a small car, but a very stylish small car, as only the Italians can do it, and New York is a place where flair and hipness are appreciated. Wherever we stopped, people walked up and admired the car�and every one of them knew exactly what it was."

Read more at Road&Track

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Volvo to employ 200 more workers to meet demand

Volvo is increasing its recruiting an additional 200 employees in Sweden, to meet likely demand in the New Year.

The assembly plant that�s receiving the boost in employment will be Volvo�s Gothenburg factory, which employs around 3,200 people. The additional 200 workers will increase the current production rate from 48 units to 52 units per hour.

A Volvo spokesperson said over the telephone: �We want to be prepared as we expect higher demand next year.�

BAIC bidding for Pininfarina

BAIC (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp.) is allegedly making a bid to acquire Italian design company Pininfarina, which has been on the market for a few months now.

BAIC formerly brought the tooling, powertrain technology and intellectual property associated with the outgoing Saab 9-3. The Chinese car manufacture is developing new models centred on the 9-3 that it plans to sell under the Beijing Auto brand name, and Pininfarina is apparently caught up in the design of that car.

According to Chinese auto-media, a nameless BAIC executive reportedly returned from Italy, where he spoke with Pininfarina about the firm�s joint venture on a bespoke adaptation of the Saab 9-3 that would premier at the 2011 Beijing motor show.

Other potential bidders include Anhui Jiangling, Mahindra and Baja, Brilliance Auto and Magna International.


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Happy New Year to you and your family.

Welcome 2011

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Four-wheel-drive Fiat 500 spied in Italy

Here�s prove that Fiat is developing a 4x4 variant of the 500. Spied by an eagle-eyed reader in Catania, Sicily, Italy, this mule was attracting attention left, right and centre.

The 500 4x4 will target those who want a compact, fashionable 4x4 without the associated running costs and price-tag. The newcomer will likely to be sold with 5-doors and will underpin the current Panda 4x4, giving the 500 4x4 genuine off-road ability.

Shaft and rear differential
?All engines, transmissions and 4x4 hardware will be taken off the current Panda 4x4, although, Fiat will be launching the all-new Panda in 2012, itself with new engines, transmissions and a new platform. That said, we can expect the 500 4x4 to sport the all-new 0.9 litre TwinAir (both naturally-aspirated and turbocharged), 1.2 69bhp, and the 1.3 litre 90bhp turbo-diesel MultiJet. Both 5 speed, 6 speed manual and 6 speed automated Dualogic transmissions will be offered. Prices may start around �13,000 for the entry-level model, rising to �16,000 for the range-topping models with the turbocharged TwinAir engines.

According to plans submitted to unions and the Government, Fiat is looking to launch the 500 4x4 sometime in 2012, alongside the restyled 500 and all-new Panda city-car.

Via Alvolante

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Ford recalls 2011 F-Series, Edge and Lincoln MKX (U.S)

Ford is recalling 14,737 F-Series, Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles due to a faulty body control module. The glitch might cause to an electrical short, resulting to overheating and a fire, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said. The module, assembled by Lear Corporation in Mexico, is faulty on some vehicles manufactured in late October to mid-November.

Ford reportedly informed the NHTSA that two 2011 F-150s caught fire outside its Dearborn, Michigan, manufacturing plant.

Neither Ford nor the NHTSA reported of any injuries or deaths. Ford will recall the vehicles on 1st January to fix the body control module for free.

2011 Nissan Altima Cars

2011 Nissan Altima Car
2011 Nissan Altima Cars
Prices:$22,940 - $30,100
The 2011 Altima Coupe is a
2-door, 5-passenger family
coupe, available in 4 trims.

2011 Nissan Altima Car Wallpaper

2011 Nissan Altima Car Pictures

2011 Nissan Altima Car Online

2011 Nissan Altima Car FrontView

PREVIEW: Mercedes-Benz 2011 Agenda

In 2011, Mercedes-Benz will celebrate the birth of the first automobile, the Benz Patent Motor Car. Throughout the entire year, the German luxury car manufacturer will be organising specially dedicated events: the first of the series - the ceremony held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart on January, 29th, the exact day when Carl Benz was awarded the Patent No. 37435 for his motorised three-wheeler back in 1886. Obviously, we eagerly await for a long list of Three-Pointed Star notable premieres - the new SLK-Klasse (R 172 generation), the new C-Klasse Coupe (codename:C 204), the new M-Klasse (W 166 generation), the new SLS AMG Cabriolet, the new C 63 AMG models for 2011 (Limousine, T-Modell and Coupe + Black Series) and the new B-Klasse.

Read more about each and every novelty after pressing the jump button!

The New Mercedes-Benz SLK-Klasse (R 172 generation)
The smaller brother of the SL will embrace, as previously anticipated, a very SLS-esque design, both inside and outside. The dashboard will be a reinterpretation of the one installed on the Mercedes-Benz supercar;the most accentuated influence will be seen on the exterior of the new SLK, where the headlights and the impressive grille tell the SLS AMG story at a lower scale. An extensive array of new technologies will make their onto the new roadster: the MAGIC SKY CONTROL, the efficient MoVe engines, the COMAND Online infotainment system, PRE-SAFE & Co. are top of the line. The reveal is set for January 29th, 2011, while the public premiere takes place in March, at Geneva.


The new Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse Coupe (C 204 generation)
A world's first for the C-Klasse lineup, the 2-door version will bring along with it the axing of the floppy CLC. The improved looks and technology of the C-Klasse Facelift will be part of the Coupe variant as well. Official unveiling: Geneva Motor Show.


The new Mercedes-Benz M-Klasse (W 166 generation)
The ML paved the way to SUVs when it was launched in 1997, and now, with the third generation on the pipe, the story goes on. The new 4x4 model from Stuttgart will feature a powerful design, a more practical interior and advanced dynamics and off-road systems and solutions. The M-Klasse is programmed to bow in mid next year.


The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Cabriolet
Two years after the Gullwing, Mercedes-Benz will launch the Cabriolet version of the SLS AMG in September, at the prestigious IAA in Frankfurt. Soft top to keep weight low, the same, juicy, 571 hp V8 powerplant, the unique, iconic, elegant design lines and the undetered sports car feeling - this is the package of the new SLS Cabrio.


The new Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG models for 2011
In the course of the next year, Mercedes-AMG will release "doped" versions for the updated C-Klasse range. The Limousine, T-Modell and Coupe will receive the tuning procedure. A Black Series model might also be in the works. While the standard AMGs will still use the current aspirated V8 unit, the uber-sport Black Series is tipped to receive the new biturbo V8 engine and several, important tweaks to enhance dynamics.


The new Mercedes-Benz B-Klasse
The second generation of the compact sports tourer will be the spark for a comprehensive lineup of new small/compact Mercedes-Benz models. The forthcoming B-Klasse will be bigger, smoother, roomier, more efficient and more modular. The innovative Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture will be premiered on the new MPV, expected to hit the stage of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011.

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Anniversary: 3 years of car-evolutioncars

Another year flew away rapidly and car-evolutioncars arrived at the third year milestone of its existence. When the story began back in 2007, on December 31st, nobody behind this weblog knew what lay ahead in the future and whether this project will be a successful one. The time that we spent together with our fans and visitors in these three years was highly valuable and shed light on the continuous growth path we embarked on. Nevertheless, the ambitious plan to offer the online public the most attractive Mercedes-Benz news source soon met the initial expectances and it started slowly, but surely to surpass those. 2010 was by far the richest period for car-evolutioncars since the dawn of it three years ago. More and more people chose our weblog as their prime Mercedes-Benz information choice. We have reached a daily average of around 1,400 - 1,500 unique visitors. Moreover, to offer everyone a complete internet experience, we redesigned both the car-evolutioncars and the car-evolutioncars TRIVIA websites to make them more attractive, in addition to establishing a strong connection with our fans throughout the official pages on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google. All in all, it was a very productive year for us.

We are confident about our mission. We are sure car-evolutioncars will become even stronger and better in the future. And we are sure this task could not be accomplished without you, our devoted readers.

Thank you very much for your unending support!Have a wonderful new year - See you in 2011!

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2011 Mercedes C63 AMG leaked

We've already seen the 2011 Mercedes C-Class, but we haven't seen the AMG variant - until now.
Leaked by Germany's, the picture reveals the facelifted model will feature an aggressive front fascia, a single-bar grille, and new headlights. Inside, the cabin receives the same updates as the standard model but unique touches include heavy-bolstered sport seats, an AMG steering wheel and piano black trim on the center console.
Under the hood, the naturally-aspirated 6.3-liter (6208cc) V8 engine is expected to carryover with 451 hp (336 kW / 457 PS) and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. While it is interesting to note the C63 won't use the new 5.5-liter bi-turbo V8, it will eventually be offed in the Black Series coupe.
2011 Mercedes C63 AMG leaked - 12.30.2010

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V8 engine-like Bullerjan furnace, courtesy Canadian lumberjacks

Manufacturing : welding electrodes, steel wirerope, wirerope, pvc cables, all sort of metal and hard ware tools.
Also trading in generators. load banks and all sort of metal.
Dealing in Real Estate (Turkey.Pakistan.Malaysia.Dubai)
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bullerjan furnance
Developed by Canadian lumberjacks, the Bullerjan (aka Free Flow) hot air furnace promises high heating capacity with a good heat circulation, fast heat distribution, an even burn-up, long glow retention and a low level of ash accumulation. The stove features a number of solid steel pipes that are bent to form a cylindrical, horizontal combustion chamber. Resembling a V8 engine, the Bullerjan hot air stove is available in four versions � the Classic, Design, Stone and Industry � all of which create a special, cozy atmosphere in your living room. Pricing for the Bullerjan hot air furnace starts at $2,000.
bullerjan classic
bullerjan design
bullerjan industry
bullerjan stone

Free TG telly DVD in January�s Car Evolution magazine

This month's TopGear Magazine comes to you from 1972. Sort of. That was the year the first Lancia Stratos was given to the world, and now - 38 years later - it's back. And we've driven it. We've driven lots of other stuff too, which you can read all about once you've watched your free DVD that's all about cars with soul. Or you can read the mag first. It's a free world.

Dust off the remote, fire up the telly box and tune in to BBC2. The boys are back and we've got a big fat series 16 preview in the mag, including a little insight into life behind the scenes, plus much toilet talk, with exec producer Andy Wilman.

This month's news section is kicked off by the new BMW 1-Series M Coupe. An orange one. We snuck it into the TG studio and took some shiny pictures.

More orangeness comes in the shape of the Ford Escort Mexico, driven around the TG test track by a man called Hammond. It reminded him of peas, but you'll have to read the story to find out why.

Then it's off to France for a spin in the new Stratos. It's a custom-built special, based on one of our favourite Ferraris, with some cunning German engineering. But is it any good? Hmm... does James May like a pint?

It's been a while since Citroen made a proper hot hatch. So when the DS3R arrived, we begged for the keys and went for a drive. If anyone from Citroen is reading this, your car is fine. Well, it's ours now, but it's fine. Honest.

Stuck for a new year's resolution? TopGear is here to help! Have a flick through our feature on All the Cars Worth Caring About in 2011, then promise yourself you'll buy one. We've got the lowdown on all the good stuff.

If you grew up in Russia, you probably know about the Lada Niva. If you grew up in Rushden, allow us to enlighten you. Actually, allow James May to enlighten you - it's officially being imported into the UK and he's driven it. On some snow.

The Lambo Gallardo Performante and Porsche 911 Speedster are the ultimate playboy playthings. We arranged for them to meet in the Californian desert. Then we took some pics and wrote some words, because it's important to share the joy.

After all the supercar frolics, we put on our road-test flat caps and arranged a fight between the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and the new Ford Grand C Max. Which one is worth your dosh? There's only one way to find out. Buy the mag. Go on. It's only �3.95.

Finally, we send a hairy man up a Glacier in the new KTM X-Bow R. Why? Because it was there. And because it looked fun. And dangerous. Which it was.

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Car Evolution�s guide to 2011�s GT3 cars

We like GT3 cars. They sound a little bit like the beginning of the apocalypse, pack righteous horsepower and look really cool.
This year, we've seen quite a few carmakers throw their respective wings in the tornado of this �gentleman racer' series; a series which features cars most resembling their road car counterparts. Apparently.
See if you can see any resemblance between a hunkered down, shouty and mostly V8-powered Z4 GT3 compared to a 2.5 hair-colouring road variant. Then there's that McLaren...

Z4 GT3
The wing! Won't someone think of the wing! This Z4 packs BMW's 4.0-litre V8 chucking out 480bhp thanks to a new ECU and power control unit.
Also, have you seen the size of the wing?

Mercedes SLS GT3
The SLS lit up the F1 season this year as the pace car; a sort of disciplinarian father-type collecting misbehaving, highly strung F1 schoolchildren. You will remember it sounded amazing.
Thankfully, the GT3 version ups the �sounding amazing' part, and adds, predictably, a ruddy great rear wing, racing brakes, stiffer suspension, bodykit, blah blah blah... just listen to it here.

Porsche 911 GT3 R
1,200kg, 4.0-litre 480bhp engine, a wider track, adjustable suspension and the obligatory GT3 genitalia that is the monster adjustable rear wing: this is the 911 GT3 R, and it succeeds the 911 GT3 Cup S - itself an evolution of the 911 Cup.
Porsche 911 engineers must be knackered. Just sayin'

McLaren MP4-12C GT3
Oh. Yes. This is how McLaren sees its development programme - roll out the MP4-12C road car (above), then win lots of trophies with...

McLaren MP4-12C GT3
...this, the GT3 version.
McLaren has teamed up with CRS Racing and will contest this GT3 beauty throughout 2011, with team principal Martin Whitmarsh saying "racing is in our blood". Don't forget, the McLaren F1 GTR won the Le Mans 24hrs on its debut...

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