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2008 Chrysler Sebring Touring - Comparison Tests.

2008 Chrysler Comparison Tests

The new Sebring is a big guy, the largest of the group for nearly five inches in length. Compared to Sebring sedan, convertible into tail was stretched 3.2 inches. As a result of a genuinely useful trunk even with the top folded down the rear seats and is far roomiest. Sebring, it is painless this group, and we are impressed interior materials. We critically Chryslers for their years of Shiny-shining booth, it is clear plastic. But not here. The colors are subtle Audi, surfaces are gloss-free zones, and just when we thought we'd seen every grain pattern that man could hatch, Chrysler designers went abstract, forsaking imitation leather in favor of a simulated spatter effect. It really works. Indeed, the quality of interior materials easily tops the group. Taking all this into consideration, we rated the Sebring at the bottom of the class.
How come? This is our version of bazooms thing. Sebring is not fun at the dance. The tires melt away when you push through the turns. Skidpad influence peripheral 0.76 grams, compared with 0.83 for the best muscle here Mustang. A small V-6, 1.2-and 1.3-litre down to the other took 9.6 seconds to reach 60 mph, and the second half and had a quarter-mile than competing convertible. It wins on fuel economy, however.

In fact, the Sebring drives very well in resort wear mode (some call that normal driving). Guiding light to the touch, but the building just outside the center said steering angles. Brakes also pretty slowly, not wasted pedal movement. And the four-speed automatic has the right to go there when you need to get a little more speed ratio. Before buckets shaped for comfort, do not claim to the sport. Like any good instrument Sebring does not require human attention, as it goes about its work.
Extrapolation Gothic styling details Crossfire to full size car size was risky reception, and we believe that out of. Tin roof ridges on the hood reminiscent long ago hog sheds. But Chrysler credited to take additional steps to obtain hard roof right. She went to three sections, so you can stow in a small space than Pontiac two-piecer, thereby constitute luggage space, the upper refused in the main branch. Good date, but Sebring softtops suffer punishment than traditional ragtops because they repeatedly use the hard roof mechanism, which means that they use much more luggage space than traditional ragtops.

Sebring in softtop totally isolated, as the Mustang, but Chrysler is doing a better job, that smooth and light.

2008 Dodge Viper

2008 Dodge Viper

Now, Chevy Corvette Z06 comes with 505 litres. With. Where Vayper in Cachet? Looks alone can not sell the car in the segment, where speed matters that much. Dodge now fighting back, and shoot the hell Haymaker. Getting 600 million. With. You? Kind of like Andre the giant bear standing along, how to do so. We hope to see 90 times to penetrate a little deeper in the mid-threes (last boat we tested whether in 3.8 seconds), with a quarter-mile dropping consistently under twelve seconds, while last Vipers all danced around the low 12 second range.

Dodge has done so almost 20% increase in power cramming about 20% more air into the engine through enhanced nostril at the front end of the hood, which feeds new twin throttle bodies. For output, a variable valve timing helps to send more hot air. Duty, who believes that VVT came to dilute the nature of this beast, there is also a slight displacement increased to 8.4 litres, so that came in the V-10 remains the undisputed king of varietal America "more better" sledgehammer approach to government. But, as Spiderman Peter Parker himself learned from Uncle Ben, with great power comes great responsibility. Grenade is not your responsibility transfer; Responsibility is not personally against Wade utility pole or oncoming Freightliner.

Additional power transferred by the new dual-disc clutch, Dodge said that the proposed 18% reduction in rotational inertia, and hopefully lower-clutch pedal effort to go with him. Transfers increased, and more transfer and upgrading sensors to improve the quality changes. And there are new, more rapid action limited slip differential better down snake. But it does not really matter; Duties will remain severe, with all the delicious taste, a fusion power.

To duties in the long hood from melting, and that the 8.4 litre and 600 litre. With. hidden below, in the most glaring Dodge broke six vents in it. This is the hood, along with five new colors, including wild lemon yellow, a three-wheel choice is the "Michelin" Pilot Sport PS2 rubber, which are the other changes that accompany 90 million. With. incentive. So what about all those Blue Devil rumors Chevy?

New Car: 2008 Mercedes C-Class Wagon

Diesel engine overview:

C 200 CDI:

100kW / 136 hp

270 Nm

C 200 CDI:

125 kW / 170 hp

400 Nm

C 320 CDI:
165 kW / 224 hp

510 Nm

Petrol engine overview:

C 180 Kompressor:

115 kW / 156 hp

230 Nm

C200 Kompressor:

135 kW / 184 hp

250 Nm

C 230:

150 kW / 204 hp

245 Nm

C 280:

170 kW / 231 hp

300 Nm

C 350:

200 kW / 272 hp

350 Nm

The new C-Class Estate is also available with the Agility Control package which allows the driver to switch at will between two different suspension set-ups allowing for either a comfortable ride or a sporty one. The shock absorbers are controlled with infinitely variable electronic control, the car is lowered by 15mm and the suspension comes with shorter springs and thicker torsion bars. Also, the optional package includes a six percent more direct steering system and a short-throw six-speed transmission. An AMG sports package is available to which adds an additional sports suspension with shorter springs and firmer shock absorbers, 17 inch alloy wheels and is lowered by 15mm.

Press Release:

Just a few months following the market debut of the saloon, Mercedes-Benz is now unveilling the estate version of the new C-Class. The estate takes the trademark strengths of the saloon, such as safety, agility and comfort, and combines them with a significant increase in spaciousness and versatility. Quite apart from being able to hold a maximum of 1500 litres, giving it a larger load capacity than any other premium-class estate in this market segment, the new C-Class Estate also offers a host of handy features for easy loading and safe transportation -a tailgate which opens and closes automatically at the push of a button, for example. Compared to the outgoing model, the new Mercedes estate burns as much as twelve per cent less fuel. With an official NEDC consumption of 6.0 litres/100 km, the new C 200 CDI can make a single tank of fuel (66 litres) last for over 1000 kilometres. Just like the saloon, the estate version of the new C-Class has also been awarded an Environmental Certificate, which attests to the environmentally oriented development process as conforming with the international ISO standard. In terms of safety, the new estate blazes a trail with innovations of the likes of PRE-SAFE� and the Intelligent Light System, and distinguishes itself as the safest car in this vehicle class. Seven airbags, belt tensioners and belt force limiters, as well as crash-responsive NECK-PRO head restraints all make up part of the standard specification.

The new estate adopts the C-Class Saloon's customer-focused concept for the design and equipment lines. There is a choice of three models - CLASSIC, ELEGANCE and AVANTGARDE - which highlight the vehicle's comfort or agility to differing degrees. The AVANTGARDE line features a large Mercedes star positioned in the centre of the radiator grille that emphasises its sporty, agile nature. This traditional distinctive mark of sporty models from Mercedes is now being employed in an estate model for the first time by the Stuttgart-based automotive brand. In the ELEGANCE model, a three-dimensional, louvred radiator grille with a high-gloss paint finish accentuates other brand-typical attributes such as comfort and luxury. The CLASSIC model, meanwhile, is deliberately more restrained and traditional.

New benchmark figure: maximum load capacity of 1500 litres:

During the concept phase for the new estate, the designers and engineers at Mercedes took the expectations of the brand's customers as their yardstick. Consequently, spaciousness, versatility and functionality were given top priority. Compared to its predecessor, the rear of the new estate is slanted far more steeply, a crucial factor for enlarging the vehicle's load volume. This now varies between 485 and 1500 litres (VDA measuring method), depending on the position of the 1/3 : 2/3 split-folding rear seat -- more than any of the model's rivals in this class of premium estate car are able to offer. Measured against the outgoing C-Class Estate, load capacity has been increased by as much as 146 litres.

This makes the estate a thoroughly practical vehicle in every respect. It is able to accommodate, for example, four golf bags including trolleys, nine large packing cases or a total of 44 drinks crates each containing six 1-litre juice bottles. The largest possible cuboid that fits into the load compartment now has a volume of 827 litres - that is an increase of 66 litres compared to the previous model andbetween 50 and 100 litres more than other premium estate models in this class are able to handle. The maximum utilisable interior length is a whole 2.82 metres, as measured between the tailgate and the front passenger footwell - 17 centimetres more than previously.

Convenient loading: EASY-PACK tailgate and load-securing kit:

Thanks to a host of practical details, the new Mercedes estate can be loaded more easily, more conveniently and more safely. For instance, two bag hooks and four rings for anchoring loads are included in the load compartment as standard.

Stowage compartments with net covers and a collapsible shopping crate can likewise be found in all models, as can the combined luggage cover and retaining net. The new EASY-PACK tailgate opens and closes as the push of a button, representing a first in this segment. Finally, the optional EASY-PACK load-securing kit presents drivers with even more possibilities for both partitioning the load compartment -- that measures around 1.80 metres long and up to 1.20 metres wide -- and for securing the load being carried.

The new C-Class Estate also makes a perfectly good towing vehicle and, indeed, offers a class-beating towing capacity of as much as 1800 kilograms. The self-levelling suspension that is optionally available keeps the vehicle at a constant ride height regardless of the load it is carrying.

Accredited environmental protection: a twelve per cent cut in fuel consumption:

Environmental considerations played a key role in the development of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class from the very start. This is corroborated by the Environmental Certificate that was awarded by the T�V Technical Inspection Authority in Germany. Mercedes-Benz is the only automotive brand in the world to have obtained a certificate under the terms of ISO standard 14062 for environmentally acceptable product development.With brand new or redeveloped engines under the bonnet offering greater power and torque, the C-Class Estate consumes up to twelve per cent less fuel than previously. The four-cylinder power units were the focus of the development work: in the case of the C 180 KOMPRESSOR and C 200 KOMPRESSOR petrol models Mercedes-Benz modified the engine management and fitted a more dynamic supercharger and improved pistons to boost output by 10 kW/13 hp and 15 kW/20 hp respectively. At the same time, the fuel consumption figures for the two models could be cut by as much as 10.3 per cent to 7.7 and 7.8 litres/100 kilometres.

Mercedes-Benz also gave the four-cylinder diesel engines a thorough overhaul too, making improvements not only to the injection system, the turbocharger and the intercooler but to more than 90 other components too. The upshot is engines delivering more power and higher torque, combined with fuel consumption that is around twelve per cent lower. The new C 220 CDI now has an output of 125 kW/170 hp (previously: 110 kW/150 hp) and musters up 400 Newton metres of peak torque (previously: 340 Newton metres) from 2000 rpm. Fuel consumption on the NEDC driving cycle comes in at just 6.1 litres for every 100 kilometres (previously: 6.9 l/100 km).

In the new C 200 CDI, power has been upped by eleven per cent (100 kW/136 hp instead of 90 kW/122 hp before) and fuel consumption is 6.0 litres/100 kilometres (previously 6.8 l/100 km).

As for the six-cylinder engine range, there is a choice of three petrol units developing 150 kW/204 hp, 170 kW/231 hp and 200 kW/272 hp, as well as the new C 320 CDI with an output of 165 kW/224 hp. With the exception of the C 350, all engine variants are coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. The C 350 is partnered by the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed automatic transmission.

Sporty agility: shock absorbers that change with the driving situation:

The unique blend of agility and comfort that forms one of the exceptional strengths of the new C-Class is basically down to the standard-fit AGILITY CONTROL package. This features shock absorbers which automatically adapt to the current driving situation for a noticeable improvement in ride comfort when driving normally. As soon as a more dynamic driving style is adopted, on the other hand, the maximum damping forces are set to stabilise the estate effectively .A steering system that is six per cent more direct and a short-throw six-speed manual transmission also form part of the AGILITY CONTROL package.

The dynamic handling package that is available as an option bestows the new C-Class Estate with a degree of agility worthy of out-and-out sports cars. The driver is able to choose from two drive modes which determine the fundamental suspension characteristic: Comfort and Sport.

Within these modes, the shock absorbers at each wheel are regulated by means of an infinitely variable electronic control. What's more, the body is lowered by 15 millimetres and the suspension equipped with shorter springs and thicker torsion bars. The dynamic handling package also encompasses the new speed-sensitive power steering with a more direct ratio and variable centring.

The body index devised by engineers at Mercedes clearly illustrates just how agilely the new C-Class Estate performs out on the road. This index is calculated from the readings for various driving manoeuvres, thereby forming a new composite formula for a vehicle's dynamic handling abilities. The larger the body index, the better the suspension is linked to the body and the firmer the suspension's tuning. The standard AGILITY CONTROL suspension gives the C-Class a body index of 1.91 to 2.01 hertz, while the new model attains sports-car-like values of up to 2.46 hertz with the dynamic handling package fitted.Kitting out the new estate with the AMG sports package adds a sports suspension with shorter springs and firmer shock absorbers to the specification, along with 17-inch light-alloy wheels. The body is also dropped by 15 millimetres.

Hallmark Mercedes quality: the safest car in its class:

The C-Class Estate has come through an exhaustive programme of testing, during which it demonstrated its typical Mercedes-like levels of safety in over 100 crash tests in all. The occupant protection concept is underpinned by an intelligently designed bodyshell, 70 percent of which consists of high-strength and ultra-high-strength grades of steel. The front-end structure comprises four impact levels which act independently of one another and enable forces to be distributed over a wide area while bypassing the passenger cell. The occupants are protected by a total of seven airbags as standard. The driver, front passenger and the passengers on the outer rear seats also benefit from belt tensioners and belt force limiters.

The NECK-PRO head restraints in the front have a crash-responsive design, meaning that they move to cushion the heads of the driver and front passenger at an early stage in a rear-end collision to guard against the risk of whiplash. The integrated child seats, which fold out of the rear bench seat have undergone further development and are now also fitted with a wraparound head restraint.

Standard features such as the flashing brake lights, Brake Assist and Electronic Stability Program make vital contributions to accident prevention. The ESP� system now incorporates additional functions: not only does it monitor the tyre pressure it also helps to enhance safety when towing a trailer with an automatic trailer stabilisation function.The anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE� gives the new estate the edge over other models in this segment. This optional system makes use of the time before an imminent accident to prepare the vehicle and its occupants for a collision. The result is a considerable reduction in the loads exerted on the passengers upon impact. The Intelligent Light System is another technical innovation borrowed from the higher-end models in the Mercedes range and is the only system of its kind in this market segment at the current time. The system's five different lighting functions are each suited to various typical driving and weather conditions.

Excellent comfort on long journeys: newly developed seats and air conditioning system:
Inside, the attractively styled dashboard, the high-class materials and appealing colour schemes create a homely atmosphere. For the first time, the colour concept has been extended to the load compartment too. On CLASSIC and ELEGANCE models, the customer's selected appointments colour is used for both the carpeting and the side trim. On the AVANTGARDE line, the rear compartment is carpeted in black too. Newly developed seats, which can be specified with a multicontour function as an option, as well as a powerful air conditioning system add to the estate's excellent comfort on long journeys.

The new estate from Mercedes-Benz is the first model in this class to offer the option of individually adjustable three-zone climate control and the expansive panoramic sliding sunroof can be found on the list of optional extras for an estate car for the first time too.

The colour display in the centre of the dashboard is linked up to the controller on the tunnel console. This is where the driver can operate the audio and navigation systems or the telephone. A clear menu control structure makes it simple to access all of these functions and more besides.

Alternatively, there are the direct selection keys in the centre console: the car radio, CD/ DVD player, navigation system or telephone can be switched on at the push of a button. Subsequent operating steps are performed using the controller in unison with the colour display in the dashboard.

State-of-the-art technology: voice-controlled infotainment devices:

Mercedes-Benz developed three new infotainment units for the C-Class: Audio 20, Audio 50 APS and COMAND APS. They all feature a keypad for entering telephone numbers and radio frequencies, as well as a Bluetooth interface which allows mobile phones to be connected wirelessly to the hands-free system. The Audio 50 APS system also comprises pan-European DVD navigation using arrow symbols for route guidance. With the COMAND APS multimedia system, the navigation data is stored on a hard disc. A high-resolution map which can be viewed from different perspectives appears on the tilting colour display. The COMAND APS also comprises a DVD player, along with a music server for storing up to 1000 tracks.The LINGUATRONIC voice control system is automatically included on C-Class Estate models equipped with the Audio 50 APS plus the six-disc DVD changer or with the COMAND APS system. For the first time, the new improved system is now able to recognise whole-word commands when entering a destination, selecting a radio station or calling up a name from the telephone directory. The driver no longer needs to spell out the names of countries, towns or roads, for example, but is able to speak them as whole words instead.
Following its public premiere at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main, motorists will be able to place their orders for the new C-Class Estate with Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets and dealerships from September 2007.

MINI Cooper S.

MINI Cooper S

At first glance, the Cooper S's 1.6-litre engine looks pretty plain. But aside from the fact the 175bhp unit appears weak on paper compared to many hot hatch rivals (and arguably doesn't sound that thrilling), it's a very impressive performer. The turbocharger spools up almost instantly, and with 260Nm to shift only 1,205kg, we weren't at all surprised that, at the track, the MINI proved rapid flat-out, and deeply impressive in our in-gear tests. 0-60mph took 6.7 seconds, and 50-70mph in 5th gear just 5.8 seconds. With pulling power peaking at only 1,700rpm, the Cooper S is never caught out on the road - not even a 2.5-litre turbo Ford Focus ST responds as quickly and eagerly. What's more, no rival can catch the British baby around town. Compact, nippy, responsive, easy to see out of and with a tight turning circle, it ran rings around the opposition. This ability to engage the driver in all situations is the MINI's key strength. The Cooper S wears its heart on its sleeve, so even though its chassis isn't as pure and sharp as, say, a Honda Civic Type R, the car is just as much fun over fast cross-country roads.

Is the MINI a victim of its own success? Ask most drivers to choose a hardcore hot hatch and the Cooper S would be the last car they would point at. Cute retro bodywork, a trendy urban image and perky all-round appeal mean it has become a massive worldwide sales smash, so people tent to overlook the fact that it's also one of the most gifted driver's cars in its class. If you want your MINI to look truly sporting, though, you must specify the optional Chili pack - 17-inch wheels, lowered suspension and bi-xenon headlamps. They add such a sense of purpose, we think they're essential. Rivals include the usual hot hatches - Renaultsport Clio 197, Ford Focus ST, Honda Civic Type R, Volkswagen Golf GTI. Despite many models being bigger motors, the MINI remains talented enough to compete with them head-on.

The MINI has such a unique ambience; the upright windscreen and A-pillars are a long way forward, you sit surprisingly low and we love the whole design strategy - the toggle switches, giant speedometer and round key are great. But this individuality can't disguise the faults. Our test model had more than �4,000 of options, yet was still sparsely equipped inside, the air-con controls are cheap and nasty and the CD player sticks out obtrusively. The centre console isn't particularly attractive. The cabin is small too. Although the rear chairs have Isofix mountings, even child seats will struggle to fit, and you can forget about slotting a buggy in the boot. The small supermini frame does hamper cruising ability at speed too, through noise levels are reasonably well contained and the ride is undoubtedly better damped than on the previous machine. MINI hasn't improved its pricing policy, though. A standard Cooper S has a miserly kit tally. But impressive fuel economy of well over 30mpg offsets this (and CO2 emissions are also just 164g/km), while retained values are superb.

Jaguar Losing its Own Name?!

The word "Jaguar" will be excluded from the back car production in two or three years, the company's design boss confirmed.

Speaking at the end of June, he revealed the secret of XF to the media in London, Ian Callum's famous name happens. He even says on the trunk of the XF-will be launched next month Frankfurt Motor Show, but it flattened version of Jaguar icons big cats "Leeper."

"Eventually we will be called off and just leave Leeper," said Callum. " When people see XF they would not know what it is, so they will seek to pass. That is why we have left it, but as Leeper is the name is likely to produce cars in two or three years. "

Callum comments were embargoed until today.

As in the rear of the car, the replacement S-type at the beginning of next year-Callum spent explain interface. "We went through 30-odd models, and part of which was to find a new identity. We have gone through a new kind of our show cars, such as the RD6 and because of that we were happy to let it go."

Callum said XF in the grille to create something that Sir William Lyons can be cornered, moving from XJ6 in 1968.

"The car is primarily on the front grilles, as air, and we want to develop that," says the designer.

Callum described how some of the early sketches XF he started with four round headlights, as the current S-Type, but he is not planning ahead. After various changes, the same feature is still there, but in a more modern form of light cluster.

And Callum's nose XF was not one. "This styling that you can see more on Jaguar," he added.

2008 Nissan Xterra.

The second generation Nissan back to basics average Xterra sports car made its debut in mid-2005, with the added interior room, goes styling and more power.

It is built on the border sensors and platform comes with the same basic 4.0-liter V-6 engine (although in this case the face is 261 litres. With. With 266 of the border) or lease six-speed manual or five-automatic gearbox.

Xterra 2008 offers three models - X, S, off-road, and SE. All four models are available in full power, and all of them off the road models have rear-wheel drive.

So Version Beefs up to standard X, S, and SE models. X editions add power windows / locks / mirrors, remote without key entry and cruise to their standard equipment. S models add step rails, cargo net, first aid kits, and the full power version, dive guards. Finally, the SE edition added to the Bluetooth standard, XM to wire (automatic models only), automatic dimming mirrors, and eight-speaker Rockford Fosgate stereo.

Standard safety equipment includes four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes with electronic brake distribution system, and provide assistance and monitoring DC; Patterns airbags are available optionally. Models with either of the two available four-wheel drive system is also available Active Brake Limited Slip function. As befits its mountainous nature, first aid kit included.

Interior includes an adjustable channel system in the cargo bay of bike racks and sport uniforms, and a total of 10 utility hooks. 60/40-split folding rear seat, folding front passenger seat, double-glovebox, and a large center console add the total value of the car.

Prices for 2008 Xterra from $ 21,130 for the Xterra 4x2 X with six speed manual transmission, and up to $ 27,330 Four of the Xterra off-road model with five-automatic gearbox Standard Hill descent control and assisting Start Assist.

2009 Audi A4

Similarly, a 2008 A4 dealers to the United States, Audi has announced details of its forthcoming A4, which will come to these shores as a 2009 model, until September its official debut at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show.

In doing so primarily to the next A4, it immediately clear that the Ingolstadt Automaker Munich 's BMW tied in the crosshairs.

Of the new A4 has a front design, which instantly recognizable as Audi, but also on the side and back angles, we see similarities with the BMW 3 series in the original photographs, which Audi issued. We will give you a final verdict in the near future, when we see in the flesh. On the positive side, it should be noted that the new A4 design seems to be escalating high waist direct wars happening for many years. Xenon headlamps are available in a daytime driving lights, which include 14 LED-type, with the leading brand sports car R8.

A4 has some re in the recent past, but this is different, as it receives new proportions, and some major changes in the mechanical layout. In all, the new sedan is about five inches longer and two inches wider than the model it replaces, but that does not speak for the new coupe-like roofline and a notably shorter front overhang, matched with a longer hood and wheelbase - the Some of the significant changes in motor sport sedan format. Audi has swapped the positions of the clutch and differential (or torque converter), so as to move the front axle forward by a surprising 6.1 inches, in turn bringing the engine a bit behind the front axle. As a result of significantly improved weight distribution; Audi claims, which is a dynamic way of conduct.

A4 will initially be launched in the international range of five engines. At the top of the range will be 3.2 FSI, in 265 litres. With. A4 and capable to 62 miles per hour in 6.2 seconds with the standard six-speed manual gearbox and a Quattro. The engine can also be fraught with six speed Tiptronic automatic. Moreover, Audi says that the new 3.2-litre fuel is more efficient than the 255 litres. With. the engine it replaces. In Europe, the base engine is 1.8 TFSI, 160 litres. With. , And the base system in the United States is likely to remain What is 2.0 T. In Europe, diesel TDI also be offered in the movement 2,7 and 3 , 0 litres.

The quattro system to be offered across the line bears some similarities to the performance-oriented system used recently in the sportiest variants, it has a normal 40/60 front / rear torque split, plus a self-locking center differential that helps send more power where necessary, and is best suited for active driving. Gasoline V-6 and 3.0 TDI Quattro are standard, although it will be available to other engines.

Audi kept hydraulic steering system instead of electric, but it was redesigned to make it more useful, using only liquid steering required. In addition, the new Audi dynamic management system, which uses concentric-shaft steering more direct ratio to the size of aid increases. Steering systems closely network with ESP stability of the system and could make a minor corrective action if necessary to regain control.

To comply with the chassis change, a new program called Drive Audi Select electronic changes characteristic responses to the engine, transmission, steering and suspension damping depending on what the driver selects - Comfort, Auto, or dynamic. The function is used for moistening when equipped with optional new damping system, which can change the settings individually for each wheel. The new generation of ESP intervenes more smoothly with "judder" and now "temporary" anti-slip off certain functions, such as when driving in snow.

Inside the cabin, the A4 remains, as a front in the form of the instrument panel, wrap around the driver, as well as a wide center console controller for Audi in the MMI (multimedia interface), to be offered through the line. All include a 6.5-inch screen in the dash and what is called the MMI Basic; Models include Audi Music interface and digital TV tuner. Bang and Olufsen audio system with ten channel, 505 watt and 14 speakers at the top of the range. Several other major elements of a luxury car will be offered, including parking rearview camera system, control system, and in "helping hand" radar blind spot warning system. Radar through operational speed brake Guard, the opportunities that are still missing from the car of this size and price category, will also be optional on A4.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover sport sports car, Range Rover sport-utility to the service marks, in 2006. Last year, Land Rover added HST version, which added electric sunroof, electronic active locking rear differential and information in popular ATU.

In 2008, the sport returned without any mechanical changes. New power-folding outside mirrors are included, along with eight power passenger seat forward, and power steering wheel adjustment. Some console trim obtain samples of new paint, and GU- HSE leather door inserts were restyled. And customers who have chosen to receive Supercharged edition choice of wood inside the treatment of skin and optional 20-inch wheels.

Sports GU- HSE will still work on 4.4-liter V-12, which creates a 300 litres. With. , and 315 pounds-feet of torque. Supercharged 4.2-liter version to generate 390 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be the car to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds.

Both versions go to a fully independent auto equalize pressure air suspension, with standard anti-lock disc brakes, which include electronic brake distribution system and assistance. Also included stability control, Hill and their active Roll Mitigation, which helps stabilize the car in a major transaction processing. Terrain Response System, which made its debut in 2005 as more standard. This allows the driver to adjust the car electronic traction control and benefits, taking into account a variety of road conditions.

Volvo cars to suggest coffee breaks

The Volvo brand has long been associated with safety, something the company will continue by offering a new range of safety equipment for the S80, XC70, and V70 later this year. Among the changes will be a revised Collision Warning with Auto Brake�which automatically activates the brakes if the driver doesn't react to the warnings�a Lane Departure Warning and Driver Alert Control.

The Driver Alert Control and Lane Departure Warning will be part of the same option package, called the Driver Alert System. Working together, the system detects when the car is veering too much and suggests that the driver should take a break. This technology is a world-first for a passenger car.

"Real life safety is the key to our safety philosophy. When it comes to preventive safety, we have the same approach as when we develop protective systems. In other words that our research and technical development focus on areas where new technology can create significant results in real-life-traffic," says Ingrid Skogsmo, Director of the Volvo Cars Safety Center.

Studies show that up to 90% of all traffic accidents are caused by driver distraction.

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WTCC Valencia

Had a stunning online Race and made a Video of it...


New Car: 2008 Lancia Musa Facelift

The New Musa will make its debut with a world preview in Venice. Successor to a winning model that in three years has won the hearts of many European motorists (in 2006 and 2007 it was Italy's best-selling compact MPV), the new car will again be a winner by offering the motoring world all the values of true Italian friendliness. It sets out to recreate a typical Italian atmosphere shape and content-wise, a mix of elegance and informality, punctilious yet disarming, luxury with a naturalness that makes everyone feel at ease. In short, the New Musa is the Italian option in the modern European compact scene, embodying concepts of good taste, warmth and generosity.

New styling in terms of elegance and functionality:

The New Musa has been restyled and is now even more up-to-date and attractive thanks to a number of styling cues that reflect the very latest market trends. And, in fact, this refined new look gives the car a greater size impression that target customers will certainly find attractive, given that in addition to an elegant, refined shape they can also appreciate improved functionality and space. Designed at the Lancia Style Centre, this model draws heavily on the classic canons of Lancia styling reinterpreted in a modern key consistent with trends in styling found in the premium car segment.

The front end has been enhanced with a number of chrome features underlining the new stylistic imprint while at the same time emphasising the model's impression of dynamism, an element that will be a key design feature for future Lancia cars. In the centre of the elegant chromed grille is the new Lancia logo, one that is reminiscent of the past but interpreted in a modern key, as is appropriate for a brand projected towards future challenges but at the same time proud of its traditional identity.

The very same harmony and stylistic consistency can be seen in the completely redesigned rear section. Perfectly in line with the new approach adopted at the front, the generously sized hatch is today an even more important feature providing two substantial improvements over the previous model. First, the luggage compartment is 70 litres larger while the loading deck has been lowered by 4 centimetres, making it easier to stow bags and suitcases. And again at the rear, the New Musa boasts new technological LED lights that, compared to traditional bulb-lit units, are more luminous and therefore safer, apart from aesthetic considerations.

Lastly, in addition to being enhanced by brand-new alloy wheels, the extremely elegant, clean-lined side surfaces have a new chromed moulding in which the outstanding feature is the Lancia logo mounted as if it were a real gemstone. The rounded lines and non-angular shape emphasise the cabin's friendly, protective nature, a �shrine� promising safety and maximum comfort despite its compact size: it is only just over 4 metres long, 1.70 metres wide, 1.66 metres in height and with a wheelbase of 2.51 metres. So even though it is now longer, the New Musa is still a compact car outside, but with all the space of a flagship model inside.

In line with that unmistakable Lancia style seen in recent years, the New Musa offers drivers and passengers an environment marked by a combination of emotion and functionality, thanks to the modular seats that can be adjusted to suit many different positions. These sensations are also heightened by special attention to detail, the use of top-quality materials and creation of refined colour combinations between bodywork tints and interiors.

Then, like a tailor-made suit, customers can choose their very own personalised New Musa. In fact there are more than 80 combinations created by permutating 5 different interior trims (Argento, Oro and Platino, the last two are available in two different colour tones, warm and cold) with 14 different body colours (10 of which are completely new) and 4 new 'two-tone' liveries: this is the widest choice offered in its segment and testifies to the importance Lancia places on colour as a hallmark of Italian styling.

And last but not least, colours used for the interiors are the result of studies to match tones with materials: so customers will find technical materials, prestigious leathers and refined Alcantara�, while chromed and satin-finished features embellish interior lines and shapes. So Lancia again emphasises its tradition for craftsmanship as far as interiors are concerned, also thanks to new and original combinations of materials and colours, evidence of the brand's efforts to revisit one of its symbolic values in a modern key.

Cutting-edge technology for maximum comfort and driving pleasure:

Travelling in a New Musa is always an exciting and pleasurable experience, due also to the luminosity created by its 'GranLuce' transparent roof, the airiness of the environment, pleasantness of surfaces and the wrap-around comfort of the ergonomic seats. Furthermore, the two-zone climate control and Bose Sound System� (typical Lancia features) make for an especially pleasant interior, a space that is easy to dominate thanks to the raised driving position and ergonomic controls. Without forgetting that the New Musa 1.4 16v and 1.3 Multijet 16v models can be fitted with a DFN robotised gearbox for optimum comfort and driving pleasure.

In addition, the New Musa can be equipped with 'Blue&Me'�, the system that enables drivers to telephone and listen to music in a simple, safe manner while they are at the wheel, thanks to a 'voice-recognition system' and Bluetooth� technology (this feature includes a USB port located on the tunnel to which any type of digital device can be connected). Lastly, to ensure increased well-being on board, the New Musa adopts the best available soundproofing materials, for instance, the new soundproofed roof lining that reduces noise by about 2 db, a noticeable improvement that customers will appreciate.

The engine range available ensures just the right balance between performance, fuel consumption and respect for the environment: 100 bhp 1.9 Multijet, 70 bhp 1.3 Multijet and 90 bhp 1.3 Multijet turbodiesel units (the latter is available with a particulate trap), in addition to two petrol versions, a 77 bhp 1.4 and 95 bhp 1.4 units, with either mechanical or DFN robotised sequential gearboxes (depending on the engine).

Mitsubishi cX concept in metal

At first we were showed sketches of Mitsubishi's upcoming SUV and now this will be the official car that will be shown. Press release can be found here

Nissan Mixim concept to be unveiled at Frankfurt

The Mixim concept car is a compact vehicle for young drivers who are mostly engaged by their computer and the world via the internet. The driver sits centrally, with two seats either side, while the steering wheel and controls are inspired by the interfaces so familiar to computer gamers.

Powered by Nissan�s �Super Motor� electric motor/generator and using compact lithium-ion batteries, Mixim has unusually rapid performance combined with a usefully extended range. One Super Motor powers the front axle and a second drives the rear axle, giving Mixim all-wheel drive.

Mixim takes the most up-to-date electric vehicle (EV) technology and clothes it in a svelte and distinctive coup� shape. Its wraparound windscreen, inspired by the visor of a crash helmet, dominates the profile while the swept back windscreen, flowing roofline and sharply truncated rear hints at sporting performance unexpected from an electric vehicle.

Diamond-shaped styling cues feature inside and out, notably on the twin air intakes to the rear of the doors and the front LED driving lights, while an upper triangular side window links the gentle slope of the roof with the dramatic angular slash that runs through the centre of the doors. The rear hatch opens to reveal a large trunk area behind the three seats. An occasional fourth seat is also housed behind the front seat module.
Sitting on a 2530mm wheelbase, Mixim is 3700mm long, 1800mm wide and 1400mm high, the Mixim is shorter and lower than Micra, though slightly wider. It weighs just 950kg.

Despite being a concept car with no guarantee of being turned into a series production model, Mixim�s development is in line with the Nissan Green Program, the company�s publicly stated desire to create a more sustainable mobile society.Throughout the show, the Mixim will be driving from a low stage via a ramp to an elevated display platform on the Nissan stand.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earnhardt�s departure from DEI: What now?

After his best performance in a month last Saturday night, Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced recently in a press conference that he is leaving DEI.

The NASCAR�s most popular and most favorite driver said his decision was triggered by his Cup Championship goal, which he said he could not carry out while being with the DEI.

Dale Jr�s relationship with his stepmother Teresa Earnhardt has been more of a bitter conflict. Teresa has been tagged the evil one in the differences between her and Dale Jr. Teresa, who played a crucial role in building the DEI empire and improving the marketing of NASCAR drivers, reportedly wants her own percentage from her son�s earnings. Meanwhile, Dale Jr. was angry with Teresa because the latter did not allow him to take his No. 8 with him to Hendrick.

Perhaps Dale Jr. had seen DEI�s not purchasing its own shaker rig�the �holy grail� of NASCAR technology�as a lack of commitment to performance, in contrast to profit by Teresa. Dale Jr. had sought majority ownership and control to DEI, which might have been quite influential in his decision.

Due to their disagreements, Dale Jr. has earned some criticisms from his fans, aside from defecting to Hendrick Motorsports and becoming Jeff Gordon�s teammate. Also, Dale Jr. is often judged for his failure to win a Cup title despite his 17 career victories, a Daytona 500 win, and two Busch Series championships.

Now that the �Free the 8� battle is over and Dale Jr. has left DEI, some questions linger: who is going to replace Dale Jr. in the DEI #8 car? Will either the replacement or Dale Jr. attain the success they aspire? How will other teams and owners be affected once the new driver of the #8 is revealed? These are the looming issues for 2008 and thereafter.

New Car: 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX

The saga of the new Subaru Impreza WRX model rumbles on. First they tell us they�re not going to sell it in the UK; then they tell us they will. And now there�s another in the tale; it seems you can have a proper WRX model if you�re a UK buyer, but only if you�re quick enough out of the blocks.

The new 227bhp, 236 lb ft, five-door Impreza WRX will go on sale this November, as reported, but in very limited numbers. Subaru will bring in just 350 examples of the car in the first year of its life, and only 1000 in all. That should make it rarer than the more expensive �30k STi model, which launches here in Spring 2008 and will be available in unlimited numbers.
The other WRX

If you miss out on one of those hen�s-teeth-like petrol-powered WRX models, though, there�s always the increasingly promising possibility that you�ll be able to buy a diesel WRX � a WRD, as it could be badged � before the end of the new Impreza�s lifecycle.

According to British Importers the IM Group, Subaru is on the brink of signing up to produce a version of the warm Impreza fitted with its new 2.0-litre flat four turbodiesel engine. If our estimations are correct, that should make for a version of the Impreza with around 160bhp, some 260lb ft or torque, and capable of a 40mpg average.

Fiat Croma goes under the knife

No your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is the Fiat Croma facelift and not the Bravo station wagon. The hatchback cum MPV has been on sale in the European market since 2005 and it failed in the UK market were Fiat had hoped it would sell well although Croma's are still available in the UK through official Fiat dealers.

The facelift will be extensive so the front fascia will be similar to the recently launched Fiat Bravo Hatchback. Its still unknown if the engines will be tweaked.

Expected to see the facelifted Croma at the upcoming Geneva Motorshow.

More 2008 Hyundai "BH"

Recently caught hot-weather testing in Death Valley alongside the upcoming Hyundai Tiburon/Coup�, Hyundai Sonata facelift, more Hyundai "BH" prototypes and the Kia Mesa its unlikely the "BH" will come into the UK due to the poor sales of the Granduer/Azera but if it does come over, its likely to come in small numbers.

Check our the archive to see some more pictures.

2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid recieves new price tag

The jockeying for the sweet spot in the hybrid-sedan-pricing strategy continued among the Japanese automakers on Monday, as Nissan announced a modest price hike on the 2008 Altima Hybrid. The car is on sale now.

The 2008 Altima Hybrid will start at $25,695, including a $625 destination charge, undercutting its rival the 2008 Toyota Camry by $165 and that's despite the fact that Toyota slashed $1,000 off the Camry Hybrid's sticker price for the new model year. A fully loaded 2008 Altima Hybrid tops out at just over $39,000.

The 2008 Altima Hybrid looks identical to the outgoing model. Changes are modest and include standard mud-flaps and a Diversity ariel. Options on the '08 Altima Hybrid include a $6,400 technology package, an $850 power moonroof and a $1,300 convenience package.

Car pictured is the 2007 model

New Car: 2008 Audi A4 Sedan

You�re looking at the first official pictures of the new, fourth-generation Audi A4, a car that Ingolstadt is hoping can steal even more of the European junior executive market from BMW and Mercedes, with a mix of improved dynamics, evolutionary design and a cheaper entry-level price tag. Behind its familiar design, the new Audi A4 features new underpinnings, advanced engine technology and the latest safety features. The new premium saloon will make its debut at the Frankfurt motor show in two weeks and will go on sale in the UK in January 2007.Prices on this new A4 remain under wraps for the moment, but we can confirm the starting price will be under �20,000, making it cheaper than today�s entry-level 1.8T at �21,350.

Audi has placed a heavy emphasis on dynamics with the new A4 in a bid to challenge BMW�s 3-series and the Mercedes C-class, while continuing to fend off more affordable but improving rivals such as the Volvo S60 and Saab 9-3. It will be available with Audi�s Drive Select, which allows the driver to tailor up to 24 suspension, steering assistance and transmission response settings to his own taste. At the heart of the new car is Audi�s modular longitudinal platform (MLP), as used beneath the mechanically identical A5 Coup�. Supporting both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, MLP moves the front axle 154mm further forward than that of the outgoing model, and adds widened tracks to provide the new A4 with what Audi describes as a �vastly improved weight distribution�.

The suspension � a mixture of a four-link arrangement at the front and multi-links at the rear � is made almost entirely from aluminium, which helps to reduce weight. Despite the fact that the new car is larger all round, Audi claims the weight of the bodyshell has been cut by 10 per cent.Subtly tweaked design:Audi�s designers have not attempted to do anything new with the A4�s exterior, which takes cues from the A5; the A4 will be built alongside its coup� sibling at Audi�s Ingolstadt headquarters. The Bauhaus-inspired lines of the outgoing A4 have been replaced by an edgier appearance first hinted at on the Walter de�Silva-penned Nuvolari concept in 2004, and now reflected on just about every Audi model. The new A4 inherits a conservative, evolutionary look, therefore. Highlights include a prominent single-frame grille, LED sidelights, a heavy shoulder line and a convex treatment to the rear end � but nothing we haven�t already seen from the brand.At 4703mm long and 1826mm wide, the new Audi A4 is 118mm longer and 56mm wider than the outgoing car. It also rides on a wheelbase that has grown by 168mm in all, to 2808mm � just 37mm shorter than the A6. The drag coefficient of 0.27 is the lowest in the Audi line-up, due partly to tighter shutlines that improve the airflow over the car.

The new A4�s cabin architecture � including the dashboard, switchgear and instruments � is shared with the A5, and offers an electrically operated handbrake, automatic air conditioning and six airbags as standard. Audi�s MMI (multi-media interface) will be optional, together with sat-nav.

Although the engine and other ancillaries have been moved back in the body for improved weight distribution, Audi says the length of the cabin has grown by 20mm, with rear kneeroom extending by 36mm, thanks partly to the rear bench being set further back in the wheelbase. Boot space has grown by 20 litres, the saloon now offering 480 litres.

At the A4�s launch, two direct-injection petrol engines will be offered in the UK. The first � a turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder TFSI � produces 168bhp and 184lb ft. Audi claims 0-62mph in 8.6sec, a top speed of 140mph and 40mpg. Above it is a 3.2-litre V6 with 261bhp and 243lb ft, propelling the A4 from 0-60mph in 6.2sec and up to 155mph. But it�s the trio of diesel models that are expected to capture the majority of A4 sales in the UK. Among them is a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder common-rail engine that replaces the old 1.9-litre pumpe d�se unit. With 141bhp and 236lb ft of torque from 1750rpm, it covers 0-60mph in 9.4sec, tops out at 134mph and averages 50mpg for a range exceeding 650 miles. It will also have the lowest CO2 emissions in the range, with 144g/km. Future models will improve on this figure. The other two diesels are a 2.7-litre V6 with 187bhp and 295lb ft, and a reworked version of today�s 3.0-litre V6, offering 236bhp and a heady 369lb ft. The most powerful petrol and diesel engines get four-wheel drive; the diesel uses an updated version of Audi�s �torsen� centre differential that directs 40 per cent of the drive to the front wheels and 60 per cent to the rear. Audi has also reworked its standard six-speed manual gearbox for the new A4. It now comes with a shift indicator on the dashboard displaying optimal shift points. Other transmissions include a six-speed automatic and Audi�s Multitronic CVT.

Following the saloon�s UK launch (the order book opens on 11 September, before the car is unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show), the A4 range will expand next year with the Avant, due in the UK next April. But we won�t be getting an A4 cabrio; that car will in effect be replaced by a convertible version of the A5 coup�. And don�t expect a new RS4 any time soon. Audi has repeatedly said it won�t do more than one RS model at a time, and we�re just about to get the new RS6. Audi also tends to wait for two years into a new model�s life cycle before launching an RS model, so an RS4 saloon wouldn�t be ready until 2009 at the earliest.

But that tactic could change. Replacing the A4 cabrio with the A5 will result in no RS4 cabrio, a vital model for the U.S market. That could mean an RS5 cabrio and coup� running alongside the RS4 saloon to provide rivals for BMW�s forthcoming M3 saloon and cabrio.

2008 Saturn Vue.

2008 Saturn Vue

The world of compact crossover has been divided for some time into two parts : Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 in half, and the rest in another. This does not mean that they are always the biggest sellers in their segment, although this is usually the case, but if it is shopping for a "cute ATU, you can often guarantee that Toyota and Honda are on the list.

It is with this in mind that it is remarkable that one of the strongest competitors to come in some time plate thus far is prevaricating. 2008 Saturn Vue completely redesigned, and a quantum leap over the original, that we are a little surprised that GM has decided to retain the title.

Forget everything you knew about the Vue, Dumpy forms of ill-fitting plastic body panels. 2008 Vue is based on the European model of Opel Antera called. It varies slightly inside and, mostly to accommodate the Saturn badge on the external and internal standard American GM switchgear. Vouets is the first of a new line of truly global products from General Motors. The basic platform will eventually replace the Chevrolet Equinox and Pontiac lahar (Hooray!) , And most of the work was the difference between GM North America, Europe and Korea Divisions.

The new Vue brings some points in the table. First is the style. Inside and outside, is a little misleading "ATU. Of course fender openings little more, but they at least can boast to your friends that your Saturn looks like a Land Rover. The second is power. The available 3.6-liter V-6 engine and its accompanying six-automatic gearbox really as good as any similar cars from any other manufacturer can name. Finally, out. Yes GM stumbling block Vue is all legs forward with excellent interior space and several complaints were found.

It is too early to say if the production of Saturn vehicles passed us will be identical to the consumer, and although we were generally impressed by a few rough edges on our test machine. If the edges filed smooth by the time consumers get their mitts models, we guess they will be very happy that they find.

2007 Cadillac Escalade

2007 Cadillac Escalade

After a day of driving 2007 Cadillac Escalade in San Diego, GM public relations executive handed me the keys to the black-on-black model both houses about 200 miles, with the Caddy back early next morning. While sailing along the I-5 through Camp Pendleton, "Slade hanging on the passing lane with blue lighting speedometer needle recording about 80 miles per hour, the two words were pounding a Bose sound system. Big pimpin 'indeed.

Let things right word - I, Bolding white guy in my early 30 th with sticks in the Northeast is not a Jay Z target demographic, to the extent that I write to the Big Pimpin 'to determine the lyrics. But driving Cadillac that I was a man ... or so bombs ... or something. More than 400 litres. with. , 22-inch chrome discs, and the knowledge that each of the CEO in rich NBA stars chose this card as well all of this adds a certain something driving experience.

Maybe this style, which is impressive sales, maybe the snowball effect after Hollywood superstar was first observed in one or perhaps only possible buyers interested in Cadillacs again. Whatever the reason, a rarity Escalade, GM success, and the updated 2007 model, of course, keep the momentum going, so much so that stickers for the same price in 2006 trucks. Those responsible for the Escalade's popularity, buying something over 50,000 dollars, are as diverse as they come. You see exactly the same black and chrome Escalade motion around your impasse at the 60-year-old executive moving along Sunset Boulevard with someone known for these deeply tinted windows. Or maybe it's just a regular guy who just borrowing it at night. Despite this, there is as big pimpin 'in the 2007 Cadillac Escalade, a ride that gives surprising level of detail, strong powertrain, the long list of functions, and proud amid Cadillac crest.

2002 GMC Sierra

2002 GMC Sierra

Big power, big load, large capacity and pulling.

General Motors is currently the leader in heavy pickups. GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado heavy-duty trucks are more powerful and more comfortable than any heavy trucks in history. They ride more smoothly and feel better than the current heavy-duty trucks from Ford and Dodge.

Completely renovated and redesigned in 2001, GMC Sierra lines mechanically almost identical Chevy Silverado line. However, there are some key differences. Sierra more stylish. Delivered as a "professional class" truck GMCs offer more features, more technology, more luxury, and then Chevys.

These trucks can move mountains. GM said 3500 series had full power heftiest vehicle weight rating and the highest gross combined weight rating available.


GMC Sierra Leone more stylish than in the Chevy Silverado, and we feel more attractive. Sierra HD shares key design features of ordinary small model, but there are differences : Sierra HD is high, and so, for two inches. He also hoped to increase, and this in a broader direction. Its broad a fender flares and muscular bumper give it a GMC encourages professional class. In 2002, it took Serra Tailgate passes.

GMC centre port is chromed grille and sends a large number of air hood. One of the Wraparound composite headlamps give Serra looser, aerodynamic appearance. In general, the body smoother and more fluid than before.

Soon the new 2003 Sierra so bold design.

Interior Specifications

The front seats are comfortable and supportive. SLE is well equipped with convenience features and beautiful fabrics. SLT comes swathed in leather and felt luxurious, as increased Yukon XL.

Crew Cab offers Square rear seats are comfortable for two adults to three. Down folding rear seat reveals a large flat cargo area. This area is divine, whether hauling a large dog or do not want to be subjected to the elements or others. Places 60/40 split for maximum usefulness.

The new Sierra 2002 models of full-length feature specially designed consoles, from the dashboard of the back of the front seats. In the center console in front of the camera, providing a hidden storage of personal digital assistants, cellular telephones, and two auxiliary power points accuse them. It also provides record-keeping for small objects such as maps, gloves or CDs. It is oversized Big Gulp cupholder and second cupholder temperature than keep drinks hot or cold when the ignition is turned on. The centre console added seven quarts of electrical installations, provided that can keep drinks and food cold or warm. Cooler directly contradicts off the battery and provides food, even when off off. center console can be easily converted for hanging folders. Two outlets ions rear console useful for charging the battery for power. There are also rear storage offers two cubic feet of storage space for tools such as rotary hammers and saws. Small container is mounting and other small items. Console and storage sites can be blocked.

Driving impressions

We drove Sierra 3500 Crew Cab duallie for two weeks and it was a miracle of power, comfort, and payload capability. It was easy to move parts of the house from Maryland to Virginia, and a brief transition garage full of things around Williamsburg. It was clearly underwhelmed this small but very handy when mother-in-law to dinner.

Ride quality than the best of currently available duallies from Ford and Dodge. Handling is surprisingly good for such a big truck. It covers real estate quickly as Interstate or back on the winding roads. Hydroformed front frame gives him extraordinary toughness, which allowed GM engineers customize the suspension better for improving smooth progress and manageability. Front torsion bar suspensions of strength.

Four-wheel disc brakes stop the reduced distance and give the driver solid pedal opinion, significant improvements in GM's previous generation of trucks. Most front rotors, larger brake pads, linings enhanced stopping power and longer pad life. Dynamic rear proportioning reduces stopping distances of the front and rear brake errors tires with the best grip.

Base engine is Vortec 6000 6.0-litre V8 (366 cubic inches), which is 300 litres. With. , and 360 pounds feet of torque at 4,000 revolutions per minute. Introduced in 1999, it's designed for 200,000 miles lifetime of 10,000 miles an oil change intervals. Its aluminum cylinder head is similar to that of N. Corvette. It comes with a choice of five-speed manual power and GM 4L80-E four-speed electronically controlled automatic, which comes on the extended cab, and crew cab models. Four-speed automatic features Tow / Haul mode.

Big Vortec 8100 V8 provides 455 pounds-feet of maximum torque at 3200 revolutions per minute. Torque is that the forces that the truck from the line, and this 8.1-liter, 496 cubic-inch V8 glass in it. It generates 400 lbs.-ft. at 1600 revolutions per minute. Do not expect neck, I can speed up, though. Faster acceleration of work in tow in goal. And that very well. Introduced last year, a 8.1 litre V8 replaces GM's 7.4-litre V8. It has expanded opportunities, such as engine oil for the life and emergency evacuation mode. The gas engine to $ 850 USA version.

The new Duramax 6600 diesel is smooth, quiet and strong. He punched in a remarkable 520 lbs.-ft. torque only at 1800 revolutions per minute. GM Duramax diesel engine built in Moraine, Ohio, but was developed with Isuzu, one of the world's largest manufacturers of diesel engines. The new 6.6-liter Duramax improves fuel economy than the old 6.5-liter diesel GM replace him. Duramax is for 200,000 miles lifetime, according to GM engineers, and for ease of maintenance. Half of heavy trucks, cars are sold with diesel engines. Diesel adds U.S. 4810.

Duramax Vortec 8100, and offer a choice ZF six-speed manual or optional Allison 1000 five-speed automatic (1200). Both have close coupling ratio, which provides exceptional start to climb the hill and towing capacity and the economy. Their powerful components stronger than those typically found in a truck transmissions, providing strength and durability.

ZF six-speed manual easily moved and completely synchronized in all transfers of double cone synchronizers in the second and third. A convenient shift pattern allows the shift lever to be moved forward for reverse and back straight for first, making it easier to maneuver quickly in tight spaces. The second device works well for the take-off because of the pressure; First creeper gear.

As good as the six-speed manual is, the optional automatic five-speed Allison is one of the most impressive features of these trucks. We strongly recommend it for its response activities. Available for the Vortec 8100 Duramax engines and Allison designed to last 200,000 miles; GM engineers said it was "more deliberate", which is heavier duty than necessary. But it is also subtle and keeps in close contact with the driver, and engine with full electronic control. It adjusts the changes under driving style. Tow / Haul mode of the device is transferring more hunting and reduce heat. This transfer of feelings when a truck going down feelings when driver is applying the brakes and transmissions, reducing brake wear. This class braking feature; Only touch the brake pedal when the truck left the class. In practical terms, Allison transmission is designed to facilitate the authorities will take off (PTO) accessories. He Transmission crisply when the truck is coming to an end. Duramax and Allison combination does not come cheap, however.

GM said heavy pickups to maximize PEVTS for towing and higher GCVW to pull in business. Payloads range from 3,321 pounds for the 2500HD Crew Cab four-wheel drive for 5753 to 3500 pounds for normal electric drive wheels at 2. Two-wheel drive models and small taxis offer greater payload. Heavy-duty trailering version adds adapter, which allows for four and seven to trailer-use connection.

Both Vortec 8100 gas and diesel Duramax 6600 to tow trailers up to 12,000 pounds. We removed a 7000-pound trailer (two horses at the same time axis bags full value) in 2500HD with the Duramax diesel and Allison transmission. Attached through (Rees) Class III loading smoothly rig was stable, easy to manage. As the fifth wheel settings, trailering growth potential astounding 15,800 pounds maximum.

The 4-wheel drive trucks to shift on-the-fly transfer case. Using floor mounted Shifter, he moved immediately to the 4-wheel drive at 40 miles per hour.

"Heavy duty" is a good description 2500HD and 3500 trucks, all their equipment beefier than in the 1500 and 2500 light pickups. Front tow hooks are standard.


Heavy Sierra pickups as a whole is divided into a series of HD 2500 and 3500 series.

To understand the data, it helps to speak the language : "Half-ton", "car" and "one ton" become obsolete because of modern freight much more than 1000-2000 pounds. However, we still tend to use those terms. Sierra 1500 series are the so-called half tons trucks. Curiously, it is possible misconception GMC sells small-truck series in 2500, which we refer to as half of the truck, because it is based on the 1500 series. (See separate review Serra 1500 and 2500 light trucks.)

2500HD pickups are what we usually call the car trucks. All GMC 2500HD trucks with a rear wheel. Their suspension and chassis heavier than light duty design series 2500 models; There are two different 2500HD raised in the hood.

3500-series trucks with dual rear wheels; these so-called one-ton trucks are called "duallies."

Conventional electric extended cab and crew cab body is 6.5 feet shorter bed or 8 feet long beds. Wheelbases of 133, 143.5, 153.0, 157.5 and 167 cm in length at the 2500 HD pickups; Wheelbases are available in 133, 157.5, 161.5 and 167.5 cm in 3500 duallies.

Three trim levels are offered : SL, well-equipped SLE and SLT skin.

Engine choices : 6.0-liter Vortec V8, 8.1-liter Vortec V8, 6.6-liter Duramax Turbo Diesel.

No less important is the transfer of choices : five-speed manual or four speed automatic for the Vortec 6.0-liter; Six-speed manual or an exciting new Allison five-speed automatic for the Vortec 8100 or Duramax 6600. And, of course, two-wheel and four-wheel drive are available.

In 2002, the GMC Sierra added two new Professional models; They sent in an expanded cab short box trucks and are available in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.

BMW New High-Spec 3-Series M Sport package

BMW New High-Spec 3-Series M Sport package

BMW has launched a new M Sport package for the new 3-Series coupe and convertible. Suggested options for all engines M sports cars come with a package of options, as compared to the standard SE model.

Despite our objections BMW M using their names, only a sports model, the company disappeared, and showed its last three series M cars in any sport Spec.

M Aerodynamic body styling package gives the car Sporter look, but Sport stiffer suspension, and 15 mm below, provides a more focused setting ticket.

All models come with 18-inch M says stars alloy wheels as standard otherwise called 19-inch M Double said light alloy wheels as an alternative. High-gloss Shadow Line finish outside the window surrounds as standard features.

Inside every M Sport models feature Sport seats upholstered blue cloth Shadow Alcantara, Individual anthracite Headlining, M doorsill appointment of graduates and short-shift M gearlever with perforated leather Gaither and manual lever. In summer, aluminum interior trim, and M leather steering wheel complete package.

M Sport models traditionally popular choice for BMW buyers. In six cylinder engines 3 Series Coupe Convertible Type models and account for more than three quarters of all sales. The introduction of the latest generation sports model is expected to maintain this ratio.

M sports car models available in a choice of four metallic colors (Titanium Silver, Black Sapphire, Le Mans Blue, Sparkling Graphite), and two non-metallic colours (Alpine White, Crimson Red).

Porsche 997 Turbo Cabrio

Porsche 997 Turbo Cabrio

This official : New Porsche Turbo Cabrio will be presented to the public on Sept. 8, 2007. 997 Turbo Cabrio is the third generation in the upper range, convertible from Stuttgart. Drive the same used in the turbo coup� : 3.6 litre, flat six bilateral turbocharged with variable geometry turbine, packaging 480 / 620 Nm (time can be briefly strengthened to 680 Nm).

Performance figures, like his brothers, coup� : maximum speed of 310 km / h, the acceleration of 0-100 km / h takes only 4.0 seconds (3.8 with the Tiptronic S automatic transmission). Average consumption in accordance with the Porsche of 12.9 l/100 km, but it is pointless for a car of this kind.

Porsche engineers seem to have managed well to the weight down. Turbo Cabriois only 70 kg heavier than the Turbo coup� (structural reinforcements, rollover protection, etc.). Three layer Capote can be opened or closed for about 20 seconds, with a fully automatic mechanism. Rear spoiler goes at speeds in excess of 120 km / h and 30 mm higher than coup�.

Alfa Romeo Picchio Daytona Prototype.

Italian manufacturer of racing cars Pikko develops Grand Am racing car with the body through the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Picchio completed the first justification of its new Daytona Prototype, and is going to establish its own developed Grand-Am tubular chassis requirements, based on Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

The car is set up in Europe only Grand-Am certified manufacturer to fill the anticipated demand for the new rules in the race series, which allow race car body to be adapted to match engine supplier styling. In other words, if it works Alfa power, it can and should look like Alpha.

In anticipation of Alfa Romeo homologating their new V8 engine for the racing Pikko changed his DR2 racing chassis-engine and the body has adapted to mirror styling roadgoing 8C coupe competition. As a result of a beautiful concept, we hope to see in the race direction in the near future. As is the case with Alfa Romeo own impending re-emergence on the market of the United States, yet this car just to keep our hearts racing.

Picchio makes racing cars and at the same time the supply of technical assistance directly to their customers Racetrack during competitions.

In addition, the company produces manual and its own high-GT road vehicles produced in small series of unique designs and sells directly to end private clients.

Model number includes sports prototype racing cars in accordance with the rules and FIA closed cab racing cars under the Grand-Am Championship and the (Daytona Prototype).

The production of 50 vehicles per year, divided in road racing and GT cars.

Picchio is 3200 m building in Ancarno near Teramo (Central Italy).

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2007 Dodge Demon Roadster Concept

Chrysler will show a new Dodge Roadster concept called "Demon at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The car is designed to compete with the popular Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky, and the Mazda MX-5.

"While the icons Dodge Viper is a dream for many car Dodge Demon for the achievable dream car," said Chung Jae-Dodge Demon Principal Exterior Designer, Chrysler Group. "The external design of a simple, but very brave, strong, equipped with a combination of curves and intersecting planes."

Energy comes from 172 million. With. 2.4 liter engine, offering peak torque to 165 pound-feet. Six speed manual directs energy to the rear wheels. Weight estimated 2,600 pounds. Dodge officials argue that the SRT version may also be offered with 300 litres. With. four-cylinder with Dodge Caliber SRT-4.

Mercedes S-Class - soon a Bluetec version.

Auto Motor und Sport says that the next Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz will show saturated effective option S-Class with consumption of 6.6 liters/100 km (15 km / l).

In person, 4-cylinder, "cheap" version of S-Class to be an unacceptable risk for the image of Mercedes-Benz, but shortcomings should be more balanced green kudos that this model will be. This S-class should primarily be Bluetec version 2.2-litre CDI engine with dual stage bilateral turbocharger, which should result in maximum power 204 PS. The machine should be combined with mild hybrid system, which was not yet known. Bluetec S-Classs probably already Euro6 requirements.

Drawing the attention of readers is likely to be observed, "magical" number of 204 litres. With. : BMW and Audi have announced 2-litre engines with the same capacity (BMW with two stage turbocharging, which will debut on the 123d, Audi with a turbo machine seen at the Cross Coup� Quattro Concept).

Honda delays introduction of Li-ion batteries for Accord

When it comes to (hopefully coming in 2010) Focus Volt, Bob Lutz has repeatedly stated that he expects the battery persons to Ford in the battery, which is the challenge, seeing as the car show is based on a technology that does not exist. Ford not only those problems with the battery-Honda has pushed back the introduction of lithium ion batteries in the next generation of the agreement, saying that they are not ready to be put in cars because of security problems. There are independent companies that are installing Budget holds a vlyayuschi- lithium battery packs in the car and a staggering results. Honda, however, in light of corporate obligations and recalled the end, simply can not afford the risk that there will be huge black eye, if the following suffered from hasty agreement that direction.

2008 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

2008 Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

Volkswagen is using September�s Frankfurt auto show to reassert its stature as a maker of efficient diesels in Europe. The new Golf BlueMotion will be one of six models with the environmentally friendly powerplant (the other five have not been disclosed).

The Golf BlueMotion will get 52 mpg, VW claims, an improvement on the already enviable 46 mpg of the outgoing model. The automaker says the compact car can go almost 750 miles on a 14.5-gallon tank of gas. Those wanting to do their part to save the planet can also feel good about the reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions.

The Golf BlueMotion is slated to go on sale at the end of the year in Germany, joining the Polo, Passat, and Passat Variant wagon with the clean-diesel technology. The BlueMotion label means it is the most efficient model in the series.

VW of America officials tell us BlueMotion is a European thing and is not legal here in the States, where the automaker has its own clean-diesel technology set to bow on the 2008 Jetta TDI next spring. With a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 140 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, and either a six-speed manual or DSG automated manual, the 2008 Jetta TDI will be cleared for sale in all 50 states, as opposed to 45 states for all diesels currently on sale and some coming in the next few years. �Our downstream exhaust treatment is absolutely different [from that of the European-spec BlueMotion],� a VW spokesman tells us.

2009 Artega GT

Artega 2009 GT

Yes, there�s a little Porsche Cayman there, and the Artega GT does have a 3.6-liter Volkswagen-sourced V-6 engine, so there is sort of a link to the family. But the styling, penned by Henrik Fisker, is cleaner than a Cayman. Fisker is, after all, the man responsible for much of the current look of the Aston Martin portfolio. Hardy Essig, a former Porsche engineer, helped develop the drivetrain.

Performance, though, should not be that far removed from the Cayman S, if indeed the Artega GT comes in with the rumored 300 horsepower and a top speed in excess of 160 mph. Price is expected to be just under $100,000. Production, limited to 500 a year, is supposed to begin late in 2007, with sales starting in mid-2008. No word on whether there�s a U.S. importer waiting in the wings. The Artega GT is smaller and less luxury oriented than past Fisker designs, such as the Tramonto and Latigo CS (based on the Mercedes-Benz SL-class and BMW 6-series, respectively). This car represents a departure for the coachbuilder, but a decidedly successful one.

More details on Honda�s next generation A-VTEC.

When Honda released information on the development of Advanced VTEC (A-VTEC) system in September, we look forward to how the new system will be used in the next generation of Acuras and Hondas. Systems will increase torque, power and fuel economy, while sexual less emissions. Good things all.

The new patent was registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which apparently is the new city system from Advanced Honda entitled "Variable valve actuating device." Position temple city site claims the new technology will constantly change or repeal of valves, like BMW innovative Valvetronic, rather than using a graded changes as the VTEC and i-VTEC used.

Technology can be applied to both SOHC and DOHC engine and the elimination of losses and slip full control of lift and duration, as described in the patent means that Honda claims double-digit gains in fuel economy compared with Honda engines believable.

A-VTEC is expected to debut in the 2008 model agreement and should appear in the four-cylinder and V6 versions. Benefits system to improve the city-most power with a decent Ekonomklass time and fuel economy, all using simple and easy SOHC engine.

Outlaw biker on Yamaha R1 posts video on YouTube and gets busted.

Biker who filmed himself at the speed of 100mph is likely to be prosecuted after he posted the video on YouTube. Jeremy Parrott, 37, it was easy to identify because he filmed himself leaving his office before racing through 30mph residential area. Camera glass for his 180mph Yamaha R1 shows him pulling Wheelies and roaring past the school and residential development.

Jeremy was arrested man he was when he was the person to watch video online and found action! The driver in the message posted on YouTube, unfortunately I am one of the cars he stood that day, the most phenomenal speed, and pulling wheel. I did not see him until he was on my side, it was very close, and the slightest shift in right on my part and be bit raw. "The video was handed over to the police and now the file as evidence.

What morality story? If you are going after a viewer violation of the law, make sure that the home address is not included. No, that's not it. How about this : "Do not go 100 miles per hour on the street in the first place. Take it trackday is legal.

NASCAR Nextel Cup Weekend Recap: Dodge drivers land in top 10

Kasey Kahne led his way in his No. 9 McDonald�s Dodge Avenger while four Dodge Avenger drivers finished in the top 10 last Saturday night at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

The other top-10 Dodge drivers Saturday night at the Bristol Motor Speedway were: Ryan Newman, seventh in the No. 12 alltel Dodge Avenger; and Bobby Labonte, eighth placer, who drove the No. 43 Betty Crocker/Cheerios Dodge Avenger.

Juan Pablo Montoya, who is in the No. 42 Texaco/Havoline Avenger finished 17th place. Montoya has won the Raybestos Rookie of the Race awards for the 11th time this season. He got $25,000 as a prize.

Meanwhile, three-time IndyCar Series champion Sam Hornish Jr. will run five to six of the final 10 races in the Nextel Cup season for Penske Racing, according to team owner Roger Penske.

The 2006 Indianapolis 500 champion, who is considering a full-time ride in Cup next season, will shift his focus to stock cars as soon as the Indy season ends on September 9.

Hornish's first Cup race could come in the championship Chase opener at New Hampshire International Speedway.

Fiat Fiorino undisguised again

The ultra-small commercial vans by Fiat, Citroen and Peugeot will soon be revealed to the world, but in the meanwhile our spy photo shows the Fiat Fiorino undisguised. The first time this van was sighted undisguised was when it was parked in a small town in Italy but now we have a green production vehicle parked somewhere in Italy.

These vans will be wearing funky loud exterior colors to distract customers buying small-car based MPV's; Toyota Verso, Ford C-Max, Citroen C4 Picasso etc.

The vans will be available as commercial vans and people carriers. Prices could start around �8,000 and it will slot below the Fiat Doblo in the Fiat line-up.

2008 Hyundai i20/Getz/Click spied

The first sighting of the next Hyundai Getz was in Germany in a car park but now Hyundai has descended to the Spanish mountains to do some hot-weather testing on their next generation B-Segment car.

The name Getz could be replaced in Europe with "i20" so its in sequence with the recently launched Hyundai i30.

The new supermini has grown considerably compared to its predecessor. Judging by it's size, its almost as long as the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa.

A few interior shots reveal the test cars having a satellite navigation built into the centre console. Hopefully, Hyundai will offer this standard on upper grades, but if not it should be optional. The air vents on the test car are rectangular and there will be a 3 spoke steering wheel but there is no sign of steering-wheel audio controls.

The 'i20' will go on sale mid 2008 across Europe with a possible price tag of �6,995 for the entry level model.

New Car: 2009 Jaguar XF & UK Pricing

Jaguar is proud to announce the all-new 2009 XF - a stunning four-door Jaguar that combines the style and performance of a sports car with the refinement, space and sophistication of a luxury sedan.

Scheduled to make its world debut at the 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show in September, the new Jaguar XF is a reflection of the bold new design language that Jaguar will be using both now and in the future.

"As one of the most visually striking, technically sophisticated and driver-oriented sedan cars that Jaguar has ever produced, the XF clearly demonstrates the forward-looking focus that now defines the Jaguar brand," said Wayne Burgess, XF Senior Design Manager. "With its dramatic styling, powerful flowing lines and a distinctive front, the new XF looks like no other Jaguar. Yet it defines the new design language the company will be adopting for all future models."

The first impression of the new XF is its visual strength. It firmly emphasizes contemporary automotive style whilst maintaining Jaguar's core values. The new XF is sporty, muscular and dynamic -- made evident in its sweeping silhouette that was inspired by the new Jaguar XK sports car. There is a powerful grille, dramatic side window graphics and, of course, strong Jaguar rear haunches. The stance of the XF gives the car a 'ready to pounce' look that suggests latent power and energy.

The contemporary design theme is continued inside the XF with an interior ambience that is enriched by wood, aluminum and leather presented in a very modern way, unlike any other car manufacturer. With its sophisticated instruments and calm interior mood lighting, the XF moves away from traditional styling to a contemporary, sporting luxury theme. This is emphasized by features such as the all-new JaguarDrive Selector(TM), JaguarSense(TM) (an electronic control system that employs motion detecting sensors to activate certain vehicle features), unique phosphor blue interior lighting, and Bowers & Wilkins sound technology.

The new XF will be available in the US with a choice of two engines - a 4.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 and a 4.2-liter supercharged V8. In naturally-aspirated form, the XF develops 300bhp and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. The supercharged version uses a highly efficient rotor-type supercharger that develops 420bhp and 408 lb.-ft. of torque. Both engines combine effortless performance, unrivalled character, an impeccable pedigree, and have a classic Jaguar blend of power and refinement.

All-new 2009 Jaguar XF At-A-Glance Highlights:

The XF is a four-door Jaguar that combines the style and performance of a sports car with the refinement, space and sophistication of a luxury sedan.

The exterior styling of the XF is the first result of Jaguar's new design language in a sedan. With interior design that is the equal of the exterior in terms of crafted execution and visual excitement, the XF offers a truly contemporary, luxury environment.

The coupe-like lines of the XF belie the amount of space inside: there is room for five adults in comfort, generous interior stowage and a trunk capacity of 17.6 cu. ft. (500 liters), plus the opportunity to fold down the rear seats and add a further 14.8 cu. ft. (420 liters).

Jaguar craftsmanship adopts a sharp new edge on the XF. Sophisticated instrumentation, a touch-screen, modern materials and graphics complement new 'surprise and delight' features. Upon entry to the XF, the start button pulses, like a heartbeat. Start the engine and the JaguarDrive Selector(TM) rises into the palm of the hand, while rotating vents turn from their flush, 'parked' position to their functional open position.

Improved torsional stiffness delivers refinement and dynamic performance - underpinning the driver-focused yet remarkably comfortable driving experience.

The XF will be available from launch in the U.S. with two different engines - 4.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 and 4.2-liter supercharged V8 - all featuring Jaguar's proven six-speed automatic transmission with steering-wheel-mounted paddles for manual gear selection (Jaguar Sequential Shift(TM).

Key driver aids on the XF include Electronic Brake Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Anti-lock Braking System, Dynamic Stability Control, Cornering Brake Control and Engine Drag Torque Control. And, for the first time in a Jaguar, Understeer Control Logic which decelerates the car and helps to restore grip to the front wheels when required.

Three trim levels will be offered in the U.S. market - Luxury, Premium, Luxury and Supercharged levels.

The first cars will be delivered to U.S. customers in March 2008.

Pricing for the North American market will be announced in November 2007.

UK Pricing:

The new Jaguar XF, announced today, will cost from �33,900 in the UK. Buyers of Jaguar�s new mid-size premium saloon will also enjoy class-leading residual values* in addition to owning a very well-equipped vehicle with a driving experience that matches the excitement of Jaguar's bold new design language.
Available to order now, the XF makes its public debut on September 11 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. UK dealers will have demonstrators in showrooms early next year and the first UK customers will receive their new XF in time for the March 1 registration.

The �33,900 OTR price secures the 2.7-litre V6 diesel or the 3.0-litre V6 petrol. A choice of 4.2-litre V8 models � one of them with a supercharged engine � is also available, with prices from �44,500. All XFs feature a sophisticated six-speed automatic transmission that includes a unique, all-new JaguarDrive Selector � an industry first rotary shift interface � and the Jaguar Sequential Shift� System with steering-wheel mounted paddles for one-touch manual control.
The full XF model range in the UK is as follows:

Trim Engine
Price OTR
(Includes all taxes and first registration fee from 1 April 2008) :

2.7-litre V6 diesel


3.0-litre V6 petrol

Premium Luxury:

2.7-litre V6 diesel

Premium Luxury:
3.0-litre V6 petrol

Premium Luxury:

4.2-litre V8 petrol (naturally aspirated - n/a)

4.2-litre V8 petrol supercharged (s/c)
UK Managing Director Geoff Cousins said: �We are very excited the new XF is now in the public domain and we are confident it will be a great success for our dealers in the UK. The new Jaguar XF combines the emotional appeal of a contemporary, modern Jaguar with all the rational appeal of a spacious five-seater sports saloon with high levels of standard equipment, innovative functional features and competitive pricing. The other excellent news for customers is of course the residual values that experts are quoting for XF.�

Industry-leading residual value experts CAP and EurotaxGlass�s have both put the XF under the microscope and both will be quoting residual value after 36 months / 36,000 miles of 50% of original value* for the 2.7-litre diesel Luxury model. These figures from both experts mean the XF 2.7-litre diesel Luxury is best-in-class against rivals BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. CAP has concluded that the nearest rival, the BMW 525d SE will retain 45.3% of its original value over the same period.

Martin Ward, Manufacturer Relationship Manager for CAP Motor Research said: �The new Jaguar XF has not only caught up with its nearest competitors, but has now overtaken them. Jaguar has proved that a well built, well specified and well priced car that has fantastic styling can break the mould, and should be a success the world over.�

EurotaxGlass�s figure of 50% for the XF 2.7-litre diesel Luxury is best-in-class ahead of the BMW 525d at 48% and the Audi A6 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro SE at a rating of 49%. The XF 3.0-litre V6 petrol is expected to retain 45% of its original value making it best-in-class over the BMW 530i, the Audi A6 3.2 FSI and the Mercedes-Benz E350.

Kevin Gaskell, CEO of EurotaxGlass�s has a similar opinion. He said: �The whole XF package is class-leading. With an array of impressive standard equipment, competitive pricing and outstanding styling, we have concluded that it will be a desirable car with best-in-class residual values of 50%.�

Jason King, UK Head of Market Intelligence for EurotaxGlass�s continued: �The second of Jaguar�s new generation of products, the XF is bound to turn as many heads as the XK has since its arrival. The bold, elegant design is sure to appeal to a much wider audience. Current drivers of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz will have to consider the Jaguar when it is time to change � many of whom will never have experienced the brand before. Our strong residual value positioning of the XF reflects this, and underlines the resurgence of Jaguar.�
With a top speed of 143 mph, the XF 2.7-litre diesel can reach 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and has a combined CO2 of 199 g/km, meaning it falls within UK Tax Band �F�. At this level it would not be subject to the proposed high level London congestion charges.

The new Jaguar XF, which fuses the style and performance of a sports car with the refinement, space and sophistication of a luxury saloon, has a generous array of equipment across the range.

There are three levels of specification:


The �Luxury� specification is the starting point for XF ownership and is available to order with the 2.7-litre diesel or the 3.0-litre petrol engines. Highlights include 8x8 way adjustable leather trimmed seats, 7� colour Touch-screen display, Navigation system, Bluetooth� Telephone Connectivity, 6-disc in-dash CD changer, Rear parking aid, interior mood lighting, heated exterior mirrors with electric adjustment, 17� alloy wheels, Automatic Climate Control and Cruise Control with Automatic Speed Limiter.

Premium Luxury:

If customers choose to move up a level they can choose the �Premium Luxury� specification for an increment of �3,600 with both the 2.7-litre diesel and the 3.0-litre V6 petrol engines. The 4.2-litre V8 petrol (n/a) also comes with �Premium Luxury� specification offering, in addition to the Luxury model�s standard features, highlights such as 10x10 way heated Softgrain leather seats with lumbar adjust, 18� alloy wheels, Jaguar 320W premium sound system with 8 speakers and sub-woofer, driver's seat memory function, heated windscreen and Softgrain leather stitched and tailored instrument panel and door top rolls.


The SV8 specification is available on the 4.2-litre supercharged model only and customers can enjoy additional features such as active heated and cooled front seats, 20� alloy wheels, Bi-Xenon headlamps with automatic levelling and headlamp washers and CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension).
Although publicly announced only today, interest in the XF is already high following the unveiling of the C-XF concept car at the beginning of the year. As signalled by the C-XF, the production XF model is a dramatic expression of Jaguar�s bold new design language. The four-door car has the visual excitement of a coupe, but room inside for five adults to enjoy an interior wholly contemporary in style yet uniquely Jaguar.Customers can find out more about the new XF by going to which will be live from September 11 2007. Details of Jaguar dealers can be found at