Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Test Report - Valencia - Day One (VMM)


Valencia, Spain, Feb 01, 2011

Driver - Gary Paffett
Location - Circuit de la Communitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo
Track Length - 4.005km
Weather - Warm and dry throughout. Maximum ambient temperature 15.2�C, maximum track temperature 26.7�C

Laps completed - 91
Kilometres covered - X364km
Best laptime - 1m14.292s at 16.07


With the launch of our 2011 chassis scheduled for this Friday, this week�s three-day Valencia test centres on Pirelli tyre development using one of last year�s MP4-25 cars.

�The car we ran today ought to allow us to get the right loadings on the Pirellis to understand how they behave,� said Gary Paffett at the end of the day. �The tyres have changed since we last ran them in Abu Dhabi last year, and they�ll change again before the start of the season.

�Today was about trying to understand the tyres � we established a good baseline and then did some long runs. Happily, the wear issues we experienced in Abu Dhabi have definitely improved; we saw better wear patterns and fewer problems with the tyres.

�It�s useful to understand how the tyres go off, and how the balance changes once they do. The Medium seems to last the longest and the Super-soft the shortest, but that�s exactly what you want from a tyre � and it should lead to different strategies once we start racing.�

Lewis takes over at the wheel tomorrow, continuing our programme of understanding and developing the new Pirelli rubber.

Driver for day 2 - Lewis Hamilton
Duration of test - Three days (February 1-3)

* Official report courtesy of VODAFONE MCLAREN MERCEDES *

Source of the photos >> FIRSTLAP.BE via F1 Fanatic

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