Friday, February 18, 2011

Series 16, episode 5: rehearsal pics

It's BMW vs Audi this week in an automotive showdown of Teutonic proportions.
Yes folks, the latest BMW M3 takes on the Audi RS5, as both cars attempt to rewrite the rules on oversteer and power-to-saloon-size ratio. In a bygone age, a small saloon would be crackly if it had a four-pot; both these monsters are packing V8s.
There's lots more of course, but in the meantime, why not satisfy yourself with these rehearsal pics?
Pics: Justin Leighton

RS5's front spoiler hoovered up wayward squirrels mercilessly

Milli Vanilli tribute band practiced �Girl You Know It's True'

James was unimpressed by Jeremy's �Running Man'

There was no separating Jeremy and his imaginary kite

Richard reworks his fabled �Big-Box-Little-Box' dancefloor sensation

Clarkson vs Camera Death Match' was a PPV hit

Richard imagines a world without oversteer. Weeps uncontrollably

What did the five fingers say to the face?'

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