Thursday, February 3, 2011

Series 16, episode 3: rehearsal pics

Bit of an epic this weekend folks. Along with a bevy of quite formidable hot hatchery making pleasant squeaky-tyre noise down on the TG track, the chaps undertake a trip to Albania in some rather sumptuous motorcars. And one rather unpleasant surprise.
Elsewhere, Jonathan Ross - he who appeared on TG many moons ago - makes a triumphant return to our pokey little studio to harass the ceeapostrophedee. Whether he gets lost just before Gambon again was not confirmed as we went to press.
TG Script Ed Richard Porter will be here tomorrow with more on the shenanigans behind Sunday's show, but until then, sate yourself with these here pics...
Experimental conditioner proved an itchy mistake

"Yes, I agree, one is most �fly'"

Elbow-on-knee signals Something Important is about to occur

May and Hammond promised not to look directly at it. Promised

Staring contest with cameraman: it's on

"For the last time Jeremy, we've run out of fire"

Patented �Angry-Custard-Repellent' umbrellas finally put to use

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