Monday, February 14, 2011

No green-light for Volkswagen Polo R

Following much speculation, the launch of a range-topping Polo R seems doubtful, despite Audi working out a way of developing an all-wheel drive variant of its PQ25 platform, which underpins the A1 Quattro.

Initially, the PQ25 platform wasn�t intended to accommodate an all-wheel drive system, but Audi�s craving for a Quattro A1 saw the firm rework the platform, which led to rumour suggesting Volkswagen would follow suit.

A very well-placed source said the Polo R is viable, but would never make it into production due to its possible sticker price.

�We already have Polo GTI at �19,000 and then the Golf GTI is only another �6,000 more; it would be difficult to price the Polo R between them� the insider said.

The insider also said Volkswagen is unlikely to launch an all-wheel drive CrossPolo, due to its popularity as a front-wheel drive vehicle.

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