Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nissan Juke vs swimsuit model

Video: new American Neeesan adverts pit crossover against bikini-clad model. Ahem

Nissan Juke vs swimsuit model
The modern car industry is a 21st century haven of liberal thinking, equality and progressive egalitarianism.
And Nissan - or Neeesan, as it's known across the pond - has embraced such virtuosity with a series of ironic, tongue-in-cheek adverts pitting its crossover Juke against a half-naked young lady.
As a sponsor of Sports Illustrated, the intrepid Juke takes on the fearsome might of Amber, the swimwear model, in a series of challenges.
Marvel at their intelligent mocking of outdated stereotypes! Semi-naked girls versus cars, eh? Glad we're finally out of the dark ages.

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