Sunday, February 13, 2011

More shots of the 458 Italia

Here are a couple more shots of the 458 Italia from the iPhone 4...

Those black seats with red stitching are just so niceeeeee...

The ICE in the car is not too shabby either.

Reminds me of the air vents you see on Gundam mecha or fighter planes.

Don't you feel like you're sitting in a cockpit?

Everything is at your fingertips. Even the signal repeaters are on the steering wheel!

You can't see much of what's behind you from the inside of the car, because you don't need to. Half the time you'll be leaving them in a trail of dust!

The 4.499 L V8 is gorgeous.

Loving the black interior with red stitching.

This front grille flexes down during high speeds to reduced drag.

Here's a short clip of her starting up...

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