Monday, February 7, 2011

Chrysler to limit haggling over Fiat 500 (U.S)

Chrysler is looking to execute a �no-haggle� policy when the Fiat 500 city-car hits retailers in March. Chrysler LLC believes the 500 will attract a young audience, but youthful customers avoid haggling for the best deal.

For that reason, Chrysler will attempt to eradicate haggling generally to make the showroom a comfortable place.

Head of Fiat brand in the U,S, Laura Soave said: �The pricing is the pricing. The younger generation doesn�t haggle. They don�t feel comfortable with it. They hate the experience.�

Despite car manufactures unable to rule sticker prices, Chrysler will limit the number of outlets to have more control over prices. Due to that, fiat dealers mustn�t promote the 500 for under its MSRP.

Since its launch in mid-2007, the Nuova 500 has sold in excess of 500,000 units worldwide, with the U.S market expected to purchase an additional 50,000 units per annum.

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