Thursday, February 10, 2011

BMW sports car concept revealed

More details on the Vision ConnectedDrive two-seater ahead of Geneva motor show world premiere

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive
This is the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car, and it wants to be your brain.
Before a bizarre notion of painful auto-based surgery pops into your head, this stunning concept - revealed ahead of its Geneva motor show world debut - is BMW's idea of a connected, networked automotive future and features a 3D head-up display designed to filter information to make driving easier.
See more pics of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car
Info is accessed via an antenna (housed under a Perspex cover in the middle of the car). So, for example, you can programme the satnav to bring turn-off locations into your actual field of vision, displayed in the foreground or background depending on how relevant they are to your situation and traffic. In addition, the instrument cluster is freely programmable, meaning you choose what you want to see.
BMW has given the passenger some Tron-like toys to play with too: as �co-pilot', he or she can find information (routes, traffic etc) and forward them to the driver's panel. As a handy bonus, it totally alleviates the need to actually talk to your driver.
There's also an �Emotional Browser', which captures and filters info about the hood you're driving through; info such as people, mood or location, which isn't terrifying in the slightest. Wonder if it automatically locks the doors while driving through Birmingham on a Saturday night?
The shark-nosed front and layered styling - reminiscent of the Vision Dynamics supercar - is said to reflect Bee Ems' future direction. The concept features fibre optics in various colours in three different areas of the exterior, which have a dedicated light installation. It also gets 20in rims and retracting doors a la BMW Z1.
Like the idea of a BMW roadster constantly in touch with the outside world making your brain less burdened? Or do you simply want engine/wheels/seats/doors?

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