Thursday, February 3, 2011

Benelli Tornado

The 1130 Superbike from Benelli Motorcycles

Benelli Tornado, The Italian Superbike from Benelli Motorcycles.

benelli tornado,  beneli tornado, tornado tre

from MotorcyclingMag "With a torquey triple that provides an intoxicating soundtrack, mated to surefooted and confidence inspiring handling, the Tornado Tre 1130 is a superb sport motorcycle. Despite its racing heritage, it may not necessarily be a superbike racer's first choice. But, for the enthusiast who rides mostly on the street and occasionally on the track, and wants something unique and charismatic, he will find the gorgeous Tornado standing on the top step of the real world podium

from motorbikestoday "The Tornado RS is a pure sports bike designed for twisty roads fun. There are a few little things you will have to get used to, but in general its a fantastic bike with one sole purpose in life - to thrill! The riding position is perfect for sliding your arse off the seat and scraping your knee on the tarmac on almost any corner. The bars are just in the right place so they don't give you wrist ache over a distance, and believe me on one occasion I did over 400 miles up to Cadwell Park, rode on track all day then back home again without any aching wrists at all - mind you the seat is a bit hard after that amount of time and I did feel a little sore there!"

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